Bomberman 3DS (lost build of unfinished Nintendo 3DS platformer; 2011)

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Logo B3DS.png

Logo of the game.

Status: Lost

Bomberman 3DS was a game that was originally scheduled to launch on the Nintendo 3DS, being produced by Hudson Software, being distributed by its parent company Konami. The name Bomberman 3DS was only a placeholder name. First announced in February 2011, during a video where it listed some of the games launching on the system in that year. It was lastly acknowledged at E3 2011, before being canceled.


According to a Japanese flyer, the plot was centered around Bomberman trying to save Central City from a robotics corporation, while possibly being converted into a robot himself.


The game appeared to be similar to Bomberman 64, another well-known game in the series. It is also noted that this would be one of the only games where Bomberman would have a health bar (instead of having a health stock).

There would also be another mode named "Battle Mode", where players would fight against each other in Bomberman style. Also, it is rumored that this mode would have been cross-compatible with other 3DS Bomberman games, had anymore been made.


The game was fully canceled in March of 2011 due to Hudson Soft (the company who developed the Bomberman series) merging with Konami.[1] Fortunately, about 6 years later, fans would see a new Bomberman game on a Nintendo console. Named Super Bomberman R, the game was released on the Nintendo Switch as a launch title on March 3rd, 2017.


An E3 2011 showcase of games that includes brief gameplay of Bomberman 3DS.