Bones: Skeleton Crew (lost spin-off web series; 2006)

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Title card for Skeleton Crew

Status: Lost

Bones: Skeleton Crew was a twenty-six episode spinoff web series of the hit TV series Bones and did not have any of the original cast from the main Bones series. The series debuted on October 6th, 2006, via a subscription through the now-defunct Sprint TV service and followed three untrained investigators as they piece together the events of a mystery. The spinoff was made in conjunction with Fox's partnership with Sprint and MasterCard. Later, the spinoff was released on the official Bones website but was later removed without ever being archived. As of the writing of this article, none of the twenty-six episodes have yet to surface.


Bones: Skeleton Crew had 26 two-minute episodes produced and did not feature the main cast. The plot instead focused on three Jeffersonian Institute lab technicians who would use their various skills to piece together various mysteries.

The official Bones website lists the following synopsis:

On a Saturday night, three twenty-something employees of a prestigious Washington, DC museum are paged to the basement of the forensics lab, where they discover a mysterious box containing an incomplete animal skeleton and a threatening message. They quickly begin to put together the clues to prevent a catastrophe...but with no equipment, no official support, and no time, they'll have to use all their technical skills (not to mention their senses of humor) to stop a terrorist's insane plan. [1]


  • Thomas Smith as Scott
  • Ryan McGivern as Sloan
  • Alison Simpson as Dr. Webb
  • Jon Briddell as Sam Winston
  • Reghan Alexander as FBI Agent

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 Night Shift The mystery begins when three talented Jeffersonian employees are summoned to a deserted lab. Lost
2 Scare Tactics The box is opened and the disturbing contents are revealed. There’s only one hour to solve the puzzle. Lost
3 Box of Bones The skeleton is identified drawing the investigators even deeper into the creepy mystery. Lost
4 Four of a Kind Vikki hits a dead end, Scott finds an important clue and Sloan makes a brilliant deduction. Lost
5 Stranger in the Night Someone’s been in the lab but was he friend or foe? Lost
6 The Phone Call It’s the call they've been waiting for but can anyone help them now? Lost
7 Emergency Run Vikki goes solo and Scott and Sloan realize that their opponent isn’t playing games. Lost
8 Suspicious Minds Could one of the three investigators actually be a terrorist? Lost
9 Old School Forensics gets dangerous and a new clue makes them wonder just where the killer is now. Lost
10 Putting it Together No one’s prepared for Vikki’s startling discovery. Lost
11 Undressed They’re tracking the intruder. Is he close enough to get them? Lost
12 Fresh Meat The clues point to a suspect but the most important piece of the puzzle is missing. Lost
13 Dinner Time The true danger becomes evident and the plot is bigger than they feared. Lost
14 The Missing Piece An overlooked clue leads them to a creepy destination. Is this a trap? Lost
15 Skullduggery Scott and Sloan break into the place where the mystery began. Lost
16 The Meat Locker Two investigators find the missing skull. But who's about to find them? Lost
17 Trapped Vikki comes to the rescue...but someone will get left behind. Lost
18 Perfect Fit The FBI gets on the case. But will they be too late to help? Lost
19 Clueless Scott breaks out the big guns. Vikki has an encounter with someone she's not expecting. Lost
20 Deep Freeze The terrorist's terrifying final message is revealed. Lost
21 Back Seat Time's almost up. Now it's a dangerous race to trap the terrorists. Lost
22 Stage Fright The team splits up and they're all headed for trouble. Lost
23 The Perfect Poison How do you murder a roomful of scientists? They're about to find out. Lost
24 Out Of Time They've run out of options. Will the terrorist's plot really succeed? Lost
25 Face To Face One last chance to save the day leads to a twist none of them saw coming. Lost
26 The Mastermind Who will get the last laugh? Lost



Despite Bones Skeleton Crew being online, all of the episodes are no longer available online. None of the twenty-six episodes of Bones Skeleton Crew have been released.


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