Boone (partially found NBC drama series; 1983-1984)

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The main cast of Boone.

Status: Partially Found

Boone was a short-lived drama series that aired on NBC from September 26th, 1983, until August 11th, 1984. Created by Earl Hamner (who created the long-running hit TV series The Waltons), each episode was an hour-long. Due to low ratings, it was canceled after thirteen episodes. No episodes have since emerged.


Set in post-war Nashville, Boone revolved around a teenage boy named Boone Sawyer (Tom Byrd) as he aims to be a rock star. Coming from a blue-collar family, they do not approve of Boone's ambitions. Each episode also had Boone singing a country and a rock song.

History and Cancellation

Boone aired on NBC as part of their Fall lineup of television shows, premiering on September 26th, 1983. However, it aired opposite CBS' series Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which ended up being one of the season's biggest hits. As the show's ratings plummeted, creator Earl Hamner joked that maybe the cast should move into the home of The Waltons.[1]


Due to its brief run, no re-runs or home media of Boone have been released. The only piece of media from Boone to surface is the series' intro.


  • Tom Byrd as Boone Sawyer
  • Ronnie Claire Edwards as Aunt Dolly Sawyer
  • Greg Webb as Rome Hawley
  • Elizabeth Huddle as Faye Sawyer
  • Barry Corbin as Merit Sawyer
  • Amanda Peterson as Squirt Sawyer
  • William Edward Phipps as Link Sawyer
  • Katherine Moffat as Susannah Sawyer

Episode List

# Episode Title Synopsis Status
1 The Auction For a chance to perform at the fair, Boone and Rome compete against a country band in an auction sponsored by a radio station Lost
2 The Decision Boone must decide whether to abide by his parents' wishes or pursue his passion for music. Lost
3 Banjo An orphan girl is overwhelmed by the Sawyers' warmth---and terrified that she may be separated from yet another family. Lost
4 The Trial Boone saves a hard-drinking country singer from an airfield accident but gets an injury that can threaten his musical carrer. Lost
5 Second Fiddle The bonds of friendship between Boone and Rome are tested when both are charmed by a society girl. Lost
6 The Graduation Despite a firm resolve to get his diploma, Rome finds his efforts thwarted by a teacher. Lost
7 Chance of a Lifetime A family crisis forces Boone to reconsider an offer that could be his ticket to musical success. Lost
8 Words and Music Boone and uncover a music entrepreneur's shady promotion racket. Lost
9 Hard to Get Boone becomes involved with a race-car driver, her young son and her other line of work. Lost
10 The Frontline Merit and Faye, who lost their older son in WWII, are upset when Boone tries to enlist in the Army. Lost
11 The Runaway Boone agrees to help his cousin, an aspiring country singer, even though he's struggling with his own career. Lost



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