Brain-Jitsu (found British children's game show; 2008)

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The logo of the series.

Status: Found

Date found: Unknown

Found by: Unknown

Brain-Jitsu was a British children's game show that ran on CBBC from 25th February - 28th March 2008, 25 episodes were made. In this show, eight contestants (known as brainees) competed in a series of games meant to use parts of the brain like the occipital lobes and the cerebellum.[1] All brainees begin with a white belt at the start of each level. One brainee is eliminated whilst the rest gain a higher-level brain belt after each challenge. The show is led and commentated by the Sensei, whilst the Shihan organizes and watches over the tasks.

There are 7 levels of brain belt in the show:

  • Level 1 - Yellow Belt - This level uses the occipital lobes of the Brain. The task here is always Enter the Dojo.
  • Level 2 - Orange Belt - This level uses the frontal lobes; requiring the brainees to do something they would normally do without thinking differently.
  • Level 3 - Green Belt - This level requires the brainees to get into teams of two, each of the pair using a different half of their brain.
  • Level 4 - Blue Belt - This level uses the amygdala as brainees are challenged to overcome fear.
  • Level 5 - Red Belt - This level exercises the thinking part of the brain, the cerebrum, and the doing part, the Cerebellum.
  • Level 6 - Brown Belt - This level requires the brainees to use their occipital lobes, temporal lobes and cerebellum.
  • Level 7 - Black Belt - The two remaining contestants push a ball across a table using their focus. The force with which the ball is pushed is measured by the average amount of brain waves used during the challenge.


Like many programs that ran on CBBC in the 2000s, it had limited broadcast reruns and fell into obscurity for many years. Beginning on February 9th, 2021, a user on Internet Archive called Children's BBC Programming started uploading episodes of Brain-Jitsu after being off the air for 13 years. As of October 25, 2023 all episodes have been found.


# Brainees Winner
1 Sarah, Jack, Patrick, Freddie, Alice, Luca, Mennat & Sara Patrick
2 Maja, Michael, Zia, Thushiah, Shahad, Sterling, Gwen & Jack Shahad
3 Neil, Jamie, Lottie, Yusra, Jack, Georgina, Isobel & Devun Jamie
4 Eleanor, Edward, Maddalena, Thushaan, Millie, George, Esme & Francesca Francesca
5 Amrit, Alexander, Louisa, Christopher, Tayla, Jacob, Heather & Samuel Jacob
6 Charlie T, Shannah, Milo, Naphtali, Charlie B, Alice, Alex & Sherine Charlie B
7 Rajkumar, Petra, Amin, Ella, Alfie, Ruby, Kobina & Danielle Kobina
8 Petar, Jessie, Kyle, Zena, Lucy, Luke, Bethany & Rhea Kyle
9 David, Anurag, Tia, Waliullah, Maddi, James, Katherine & Hezron Maddi
10 Zara, Ryan, Sara, Peter, Dina, Jesse, Cherelle & Caitlin Ryan
11 Nadia, Shirwa, Nicole, Daniel, Bebe, Monika, Austin & Florence Bebe
12 Danielle, Ralph, Edward, Amber, Michael, Georgia, Joshua & Kofi Edward
13 Desann, Rikin, Zeinab, Peter, Jemma, Bethany, Jack & Layla Zeinab
14 Florence, Jamal, Katherine, Timothy, Ella, Jack, Francesca & Jagraj Timothy
15 Tashauna, Tanaka, Giles, Amal, Amrit, Alyaa, Georgia & Juzer Juzer
16 Cameron, Anisha, Laurence, Paminder, Robert, Bethany, James & Emma James
17 Awa, Sahar, Babatunde, Lucy, Liviu, Kirstin, Sam & Ben Sahar
18 Hayden, Ella, Arjun, Grace, Hayley, Danraj, Jack & Reece Jack
19 Mustafa, Nehaal, Fuzail, Parabhjeet, Amandeep, Anna, Jessica & Alfie Nehaal
20 Kwabena, Hannah, Matthew, Katy, Hugo, Alice, Alfie & Frederick Matthew
21 Hannah, Tijarni, Ritika, Sean, Leone, Michael, Tamara & Jonathan Jonathan
22 Elliot, Cara, Max, Jackie, Oscar, Priscilla, Alex & Benjamin Jackie
23 Shauna, Aihem, Laura, Luke, Lucy, Duncan, Sarah & Kirie Shauna
24 Sebri, Elle, Robert, Alexa, Harjeet, Lina, Max & Natasha Natasha
25 Ashley, Tamla, Cameron, Channon, Angelica, Wesley, Katie & Ellie Cameron

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