Brainiac's Test Tube Baby (partially found Sky One science entertainment spin-off show; 2006-2007)

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Logo for Brainiac's Test Tube Baby

Status: Partially Found

Brainiac's Test Tube Baby is a science entertainment television show that served as a spin-off to Brainiac: Science Abuse. Broadcast from 3rd August 2006 to 8th January 2007, it was hosted by Dominic Wood and Jon Tickle, and involved a variety of science-related skits being conducted live.


Following the success of Brainiac: Science Abuse, Sky One commissioned sixteen episodes of a spin-off show called Brainiac's Test Tube Baby. According to ShareTV's synopsis of the show, Brainiac's Test Tube Baby involved scientific experiments being conducted live on stage, with viewers being able to interact, including asking Tickle scientific questions. Additionally, a celebrity guest would appear in each episode, where they would attempt to advertise their show while being electrocuted in a section called You plug we plug.[1] The show would also attempt to find a new "resident scientist" for the main series.[2] According to the IMDB page, each show would end with a caravan being blown up, a common skit in the main show.

The show was produced by Original Productions UK Entertainment, and lasted for just one series. This was despite an announcement in the final episode that a second series had been commissioned.[3]


While episodes for Brainiac: Science Abuse and its spin-off Brainiac: History Abuse are readily available online, footage of Brainiac's Test Tube Baby remains difficult to access, with no home media releases. Nevertheless, a few segments have resurfaced, including two Christmas episode experiments concerning the stickiest food and snowball substitutes; a Star Scientist skit featuring Dr. Mozza; and a You plug we plug skit featuring Jodie Marsh.



Star Scientist skit.

You plug we plug skit.

Safety warning from Nigel Mitchell.

Stickiest food experiment.

Snowball substitute experiment.

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