Breaking into the Big League (lost sports drama film; 1913)

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Breaking Into the Big League poster.jpg

Poster of the film.

Status: Lost

Breaking into the Big League is a lost short drama film starring Harry Millarde and Marguerite Courtot. It was released on August 20th, 1913 by Kalem Company.[1] The film is notable for featuring future Baseball Hall of Famers John J. McGraw and Christy Mathewson.


Montjoy Jones (Harry Millarde) is a player on the Squashville baseball team, and is part of the championship game against Stringtown. Mamie Wallace (Marguerite Courtot) goes on the field before the game to greet Montjoy, who is her love interest. Towards the end of the game, Stringtown fills the bases at the pitcher struggles, and a fly ball towards Montjoy is dropped, losing the game.

Montjoy is disgraced, and forbidden from seeing Mamie Wallace. He later dreams of the scenario again, this time catching the ball, and becomes the hero. A scout for the Giants happens to be at the game, and reports back to John J. McGraw, who sends Montjoy a contract. Montjoy joins the team, and is trained by McGraw and Mathewson. The season begins, and Montjoy quickly shows his skill. After giving an interview, the news of his play reaches his hometown, sparking Mamie Wallace and her father to attend a game. Montjoy again becomes a hero after this game, and confidently ignores Mamie, walking past her.

Montjoy wakes up after this, reality setting back in. A note is slid under his door from Mamie, telling him he can see her as long as he does not mention Baseball to her father. Montjoy throws his bat and glove into the street, and proceeds to Mamie's house as the film ends.


The film was two reels, and was said to have been released in two parts. The film was shown as late as June 1914[2] and as far as Sydney, Australia.[3] It is unknown the fate of the film after June 1914, with the film seemingly last being shown in Saskatoon, Canada. The film is considered lost.

On December 14, 2017, user TCMA posted on the forums, showing several images on card stock, showing what appears to be either stills or production images with the title of the film on the bottom of each photo.[4] It was speculated that they were lobby cards.



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