Brighter Days aka "Back To Bed" (found full version of unidentified song; 2011)

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Status: Found

Date found: 20 May 2024

Found by: Belfour20

Brighter Days (formerly Back To Bed) is a song by rock band John Snow released in 201 The then-unidentified song was posted on WatZatSong by user daqva's query.


The song was first uploaded on WatZatSong on April 29th, 2011 by user daqva. It is only 30 seconds long and the only known information from it is that it was recorded off of Y-Rock, Philadelphia.

Y-Rock was broadcasting under that name from 2006 to 2010 which is also most likely when the song was made.

Old Leads

Under a YouTube video of a reupload of the song, two theories were given out, Both of them being debunked. Chris Hornsby's unreleased album "Freshly Grounded Man" has a song under the title of "Too Many Things Have Already Been Said." but as of currently there is no way to listen to the album and the songs. (Since then, Chris' voice or accent have been found to have little to no resemblance to BTB's singer's.)

On March 6th, Reddit user u/stevethesleeve12 mentioned multiple archives to the Y-Rock website, having over 400 songs listed in their playlists page. These songs haven't been fully explored but it's highly likely that none of them are Back To Bed, however, they do contain some obscure rock songs from that time.

One very quickly debunked lead was that it was in a show called "Mr Handson". Another theory came up due to a video called "Y Rock Interview," one of the people sounding similar to the BTB singer, and the fact that Y-Rock is involved. The video mentioned can be found here.

It has also been suspected that the singer has an accent, which the accent has been suspected to be; German, European, Dutch, or Scandinavian (though it's now confirmed the lead singer is Norwegian.)


On May 20th, 2024, Reddit user u/Belfour20 from the r/BackToBed subreddit, a subreddit dedicated to tracking down "Back To Bed", found the song on Soundcloud from one of Y-Rock's playlists. The full song, entitled "Brighter Days" by John Snow, had a music video of the song uploaded to Vimeo, thus, ending the search.


[Verse 1]

Every morning, same old, same old

Can't stand the morning sun

Or those disciplined people

Early hour for their run

At five in the morning

What will be the use of this day?


I might as well go back to bed

Too many rainy days still searchin’

For that glimpse of where happiness lies

Well, I've seen brighter days

[Verse 2]

Suffocated in surr*ound

By mechanical people

My mind is occupied

With answers I can't seem to find

So I wonder as I wander

Is this by some shape or design?

Or am I wired a different way?


I might as well go back to bed

Too m*any rainy days still searchin’

For that glimpsе of where happiness liеs

Well, I've seen brighter days


Blinded by these white lights

By morning sunshine


Mmm, mmm

Every morning, same old (Same old)



Too many rainy days still searchin'

For that glimpse of where happiness lies

Well, I've seen brighter days (La-la-la)

Too many rainy days still searchin' (La-la-la)

For that glimpse of where happiness lies (La-la-la)

(La-la-la) Well, I've seen brighter days (La-la)

[Note: The lyrics between asterisks are the lyrics in the original snippet]



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