Broken Sky (lost production material of cancelled animated series based on British novel series; 2003-2005)

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Broken sky cover.jpg

The first novel's cover.

Status: Lost

Broken Sky is a British novel series by Chris Wooding that was originally published by Scholastic between 1999 and 2001. The story centres around twins Ryushi and Kia who are forced to launch a rebellion against their king.

At MIPCOM 2003, Canadian animation firm Nelvana announced their plans to adapt the series into an animated TV show.[1] More information was shared at MIPTV 2004, where it was revealed the first season would consist of 26 half-hour episodes.[2] This would be the final time the series was mentioned in the public.

In late 2005, Wooding revealed in an interview that the series had been shelved; its cancellation due to "action cartoons [falling] out of favor" during that time.[3] Prior to the show's cancellation, a trailer and multiple scripts were produced.[4] Wooding would later work on another Nelvana series, Fusion, that was also cancelled in development.[5]