Bugzburg (partially found cartoon series spin-off of "Pinocchio" movie pseudo-sequel; 1989)

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Status: Partially Found

Bugzburg is a cartoon series developed by Filmation in 1989 that was never released[1].

It was a spin-off of "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night",  a pseudo-sequel of Disney's Pinocchio for the "Filmation's New Classics Collection", a specific collection of animated mockbusters that consisted of sequels of Public Domain literature, mostly the ones that Disney had already adapted upon and had a massive commercial success. [2]


The show would follow the offbeat adventures of Pinocchio's pair of inch-sized sidekicks from the movie "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night", GrumbleBee and Willickers, in a village of other insect characters that they saved from a giant frog.[3]


According to Lou Scheimer in the book "Creating the Filmation Generation", all 65 episodes of Bugzburg had already been written, all designs completed, most of the voices had been recorded and at least two episodes had been finished when the plug was pulled because the studio was bought by L’Oreal, the cosmetic company.[4]

As of May 2024, the only footage currently available are a few clips from "A Day at Bigfoot Beach".



Bugzburg (1989) Clips from "A Day at Bigfoot Beach"


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