The Archie Comedy Hour (partially found song segments of CBS animated series based on comic book series; 1969-1970)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Archie Comedy Hour was the second in the Archie series of cartoons from Filmation, debuting on CBS during the fall of 1969 and ending it’s run in early 1970. The series was notable for being the first televised appearance of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who later spawned her own successful sitcom in the 1990s.[1] It was also notable for featuring song segments for two Top 10 singles, "Jingle Jangle" and "Sugar, Sugar," the latter being named the #1 song of 1969.[2] The series introduced all-new material and show styles to the pre-existing Archie formula, such as "Side Show" segments, as well as reruns of The Archie Show near the end of each program.


While the other Filmation produced Archie series are pretty much widely available on DVD, this one has mostly escaped being found. When it was time for syndication in the mid-1970s, all the shows produced were cut up and merged into one package known simply as The Archies, meaning a lot of material for each show that wasn’t used was left on the cutting room floor. When L’Oréal sold Filmation and its production material to Hallmark, they converted the basic shows they had to PAL and trashed the original film elements, audio elements, etc. The original Comedy Hour was not included in these transfers, and only some segments from the show were released as bonuses on the Archie’s Funhouse DVD set.[3]

Song Segments

No full episodes have been found since the show ended its run in January 1970, but the show's most desired aspect are the song segments that were included in each episode. These were known to have different/early mixes of songs featured on The Archies’ studio albums, most notable are the recollections that the track "Nursery Rhyme" had an intro featuring hand claps rather than the cold open that is on the album. The segments for "Sugar, Sugar, Jingle Jangle" and "Get On The Line" can be found on the Archie’s Funhouse DVD, with the latter having credits over the video. The segment for "You Know I Love You" has been recovered from an overseas broadcast of The Archie-Sabrina Show, which also had a song segment bumper included, while the segment for "Whoopee Tie Ai A" has had several animation cells found for sale. The rest have only been known to exist from the memories of those who saw them.

# Song Segment Status
1 Melody Hill Lost
2 Sugar, Sugar Found
3 Hot Dog Lost
4 Bicycles, Roller Skates & You Lost
5 Inside Out-Upside Down Lost
6 Jingle Jangle Found
7 Everything’s Alright Lost
8 She’s Putting Me Thru Changes Lost
9 Whoopee Tie Ai A Lost
10 Nursery Rhyme Lost
11 Get On The Line Found
12 You Know I Love You Found
13 Señorita Rita Lost
14 Look Before You Leap Lost
15 Sugar And Spice Lost
16 Archie’s Party Lost
17 Who’s Your Baby? Lost


Promotional spot.

Song segment bumper.

Intro (Audio Only).