Bumble Tumble (lost interactive TV game; 2001)

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The Classroom.png

The Classroom, the tenth (and possibly final) level of the game

Status: Lost

Bumble Tumble was an interactive television game released in 2001 to Sky Digital's Open Games platform in the United Kingdom.


Bumble Tumble's gameplay is most similar to the 1983 home computer platform game Chuckie Egg - the player is a bee who must traverse the level to rescue baby bees, whilst evading guard bees which patrol the levels and will shoot the player on sight.[1] The game may have had ten levels, according to the only available screenshot of the game which is presumed to be the final level


Bumble Tumble was available on Sky UK's digital interactive television service in the early 2000s, known initially as Open.... then Sky Active/Gamestar. The service closed down in 2015, and since then most of the games the service hosted have been rendered lost, including and especially Bumble Tumble.

Only one screenshot of this game has surfaced, being of The Classroom, which can be made out as the tenth level and presumably the last. As evidence of the game's existence, there are video segments that show the game's title in the menu screens of Sky Gamestar and Open Games[2].


Footage of the game (23:35 & 43:44)