Bunny Maloney (partially lost English dub of French animated series; 2009)

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Series poster.

Status: Partially Lost

Bunny Maloney is a CGI-animated TV series produced by MoonScoop in 2009,[1] based on the Flash animation Pinpin Lelapin: L'attaque de rogue geant[2] (an anime parody made for an older audience, by Studio Tanuki)[3] focusing on the everyday lives of Bunnyville's comical heroes. When things get tough, they suit up and pilot their giant mech, the Bunnyganger, to foil whatever plan the incompetent Débilouman has in store.

The show also had a U.K.-based English dub, which aired on Kabillion. While official distribution of the show had been removed, it currently is available on the French version of Apple TV.[4] In June of 2021, the channel "The Bunny Maloney Archives" was made by Reddit user MajestyTheSheep. It currently had posted several of the show's episodes in its original language. Whether or not these lost episodes have been distributed in a DVD or any form remains unknown.


English episode titles and order were referenced from a listing on "Bangoo TV".[5] Unofficial streaming sites may order these differently.

The found episodes are provided in a YouTube playlist here. These were likely a source of reuploads on unofficial websites to archive TV shows, like KimCartoon.[6] This also applies to unaffiliated mirrors like WatchCartoonOnline,[7] as well as fake KimCartoon sites.

Four of the lost episodes were partially found in the form of short snippets, by YouTube user -neonbunny-. These are Passport to Bunnyvania, Promo, In Memory of Bunny and Judgement Day. These in turn were sourced from a variety of videos.

Episode List

# Episode title Status Notes
1 Casanova Clone Found Uploaded on YouTube by user Pyritie.
2 Text Message Madness Found Uploaded on YouTube by user Pyritie.
3 Atomic Flea Found No notes.
4 Rabid Rabbit Found No notes.
5 Hasta La Vista, Bunny Found No notes.
6 Candy's Birthday Surprise Found No notes.
7 Noacak Wants You Found No notes.
8 A Wrinkle in the ProtecTeam Found No notes.
9 Polterabbitgeist Found No notes.
10 Bunny's Fish Go Off Found No notes.
11 Bunny's Big Hit Found No notes.
12 Carrots Are a Girl's Best Friend Found No notes.
13 Germ Free Found No notes.
14 Spouse or Louse Found Video[8]
Another video of the episode, with lower video quality[8]
The episode in French
15 The Dispense-Sense 9000 Found No notes.
16 The Dawn of the Shrimp Lost The episode in French
17 Jean-François: Top Model Found No notes.
18 Bunnies Are From Mars Found No notes.
19 Community Service Found No notes.
20 Stuck With You Found No notes.
21 Free Potchi Found No notes.
22 S.T.U.P.I.D. Found No notes.
23 Oh, Bust-a-Para Dance! Found No notes.
24 Fishing For Trouble Found No notes.
25 Raucus Caucus Found No notes.
26 OnYooo Found No notes.
27 A Bunny Story Found No notes.
28 Stan's Perfect Match Found No notes.
29 The Wrong Diagnosis Lost No notes.
30 Charity Partially Found HQ recreation was created by MajestyTheSheep
31 Sick Bunny Lost The episode in French
32 Lost and Found Lost The episode in French
33 It's On The Cards Lost The episode in French
34 Heaven Scent Lost The episode in French
35 Hypocondriac[sic] Lost The episode in French
36 The Good, The Bad and the Cookie Partially Found HQ recreation made by MajestyTheSheep
Camera rip, recorded by user Mariana Linares Rebollo
37 Nanny State Lost No notes.
38 Business As Usual Lost No notes.
39 Passport to Bunnyvania Lost (Full episode) The episode in French
40 Cold Turkey Found No notes.
41 Think Extinct Found No notes.
42 Rabbit vs Rabbit Lost The episode in French
43 The D Fixitup Found No notes.
44 We Come In Peace Lost The episode in French
45 Dead Bunny Lost The episode in French
46 Full House Lost No notes.
47 Doomsday Lost The episode in French
48 Computers Have Feelings, Too Lost The episode in French
49 Trading Places Lost The episode in French
50 Funny Bunny Lost No notes.
51 Made For TV Lost The episode in French
52 Legend of the Bag Man Lost The episode in French

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