Burai Fighter (lost build of cancelled shoot 'em up arcade game; 1993)

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Burai Fighter NES cover.png

Original NES cover

Status: Lost

Burai Fighter (無頼戦士) is a shoot 'em up game developed by KID and released by Taito (Taxan in North America) in 1990 for Famicom and NES. It was ported and released for Game Boy in 1991 and Game Boy Color in 1999. An arcade version was developed in 1993, but was never released.


Despite the fact that this game was developed, it has never been featured in a magazine and documentation is lacking.
According to Nobuyuki Shioya, who was in charge of music for the game, development began in the spring of 1993, and the title was changed from Burai Fighter to something else during development. He also says that the game was set up with a boy as the 1P player and a girl as the 2P player, and that a dialogue scene between the boy and girl was inserted in the middle of the opening demo[1].

The only screenshots of the game were first published in an interview with the president of KID in Saturn Fan 1996 No. 6[2]. On December 14, 2008, a soundtrack video of the game was posted by a user named lx_max on Niconico but it has already been deleted and is no longer available for listening[3].


As of 2023, no build have surfaced online and there is no confirmation of the existence of ROM board.


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