Burning The Days (lost Acoustic Tracks from Vertical Horizon EP; 2011)

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VH Burning The Days Acoustic Tracks cover.jpg

The cover art of the EP

Status: Lost

Vertical Horizon is an alternative rock band that was formed out of Washington, D.C. in the early 1990s. The band is most well-known for their 1999 album and the chart-topping title track, "Everything You Want." In 2009, after a short hiatus, the band released their fifth album, "Burning The Days." A couple of years later, in 2011, Matt Scannell, the band's lead singer, lead songwriter, and producer of "Burning The Days," recorded and released an EP entitled "Burning The Days - Acoustic Tracks." The EP contained five tracks from "Burning The Days," re-worked as acoustic tracks. Evidence for the EP's existence can be found in a review on the website Melodic Net.[1] The website weChameleon also mentions the EP, as well as provides a link to its supposed download.[2] The link leads to an expired page on the band's official Facebook page, hinting that the EP was downloadable from their Facebook page at one point.[3] The Spanish Wikipedia page for the band also mentions the EP.[4] The EP is not listed on Vertical Horizon's official website, nor is it listed on any digital music store. All supposed download links for the EP are dead. No audio from the EP has surfaced online as of March 2018.


  • "Carrying On"
  • "Here"
  • "Save Me From Myself"
  • "The Lucky One"
  • "The Middle Ground"


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