C'Mon Saturday (lost Saturday Morning preview; 1977)

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C'Mon Saturday photo.jpg

Press photo of Arte Johnson as Tyrone Portrait.

Status: Lost

C'Mon Saturday is a one-hour musical Saturday morning preview hosted by Andrea McArdle from the Broadway musical Annie and it was written by Thomas Meehan, who did the book for that musical.[1] The special also starred Arte Johnson, Leonard Nimoy, Ruth Buzzi and Muhammad Ali, subject of a then-new cartoon series called I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali.[2] The special aired on September 9th, 1977 on NBC.

Andrea McArdle played as a programming executive putting together the Saturday schedule with her board of male adolescents. The special would be considerably brighter than any of the program samples, which includes The New Archie/Sabrina Hour.

The special fell into obscurity, as it was aired only once and was never released in any format. Currently, only one still and a newspaper advertisement of the special exists.


Press photo of Leonard Nimoy and Andrea McArdle from "C'mon Saturday!"