C'Mon Saturday (lost Saturday Morning preview; 1977)

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C'Mon Saturday photo.jpg

Press photo of Arte Johnson as Tyrone Portrait.

Status: Lost

C'Mon Saturday is a one-hour musical[1] Saturday morning preview hosted by Andrea McArdle from the Broadway musical Annie and it was written by Thomas Meehan, who did the book for that musical. The special also starred Arte Johnson, Leonard Nimoy, Ruth Buzzi and Muhammad Ali, subject of a then-new cartoon series called I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali.[2][3] The special aired on September 9th, 1977 on NBC.

Andrea McArdle played as a programming executive putting together the Saturday schedule with her board of male adolescents. The special would be considerably brighter than any of the program samples, which includes The New Archie/Sabrina Hour.

The special fell into obscurity, as it was aired only once and was never released in any format. Currently, only one still of the special exists.