Céline Sciamma (lost unreleased screenplays from French film director; 2007-2014)

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Céline Sciamma in 2017.

Status: Lost

Céline Sciamma is a French director best known for her 2019 film, Portrait de la Jeune Fille en Feu, or Portrait of a Lady on Fire. In June of 2020, the Korean publisher Plain Archive announced that they would be publishing the Portrait of a Lady on Fire script in French and Korean and that no English translation would exist.[1] These script books were sent out to those who pre-ordered it in November 2020.[2] However, the scripts to her other three features, Naissance des Pieuvres (Water Lilies) from 2007, Tomboy from 2011, and Bande de Filles (Girlhood) from 2014, have not yet been released to the public.

Unused Scripts

Naissance des Pieuvres (Water Lilies)

Naissance des Pieuvres was released in 2007 but was altered for international release.[3] The script for the film was created by Sciamma as her senior project at La Fémis. Although she had no intention of directing, the script was based on Sciamma's personal experience with swimming and follows the protagonist as she navigates her sexuality and growing attraction to the team's captain.[4]


Tomboy was written, cast, and shot around two months.[5] Sciamma wrote the script in three weeks, completed casting in three weeks, and directed the film in 20 days.[6] Sciamma said, "I made it with several layers so that a transexual person can say 'that was my childhood' and so that a heterosexual woman can also say it." She also said the "movie is ambiguous about Mickaël's feelings for Lisa. It plays with the confusion."[7]

Bande de Filles (Girlhood)

Bande de Fille was inspired by the various groups of girl gangs that Sciamma observed around Paris, particularly in the Les Halles shopping center and the Métro.[8] She aimed to highlight the themes of friendship, sisterhood, and the unique bond shared between girls.[9] Sciamma is often asked about her choice to write and direct a movie about a group of young French black girls, considering that she is white. Celine stated, "I had a strong sense of having lived on the outskirts – even if I am a middle-class white girl. I didn't feel I was making the film about black women, but with black women – it's not the same. I'm not saying, 'I'm going to tell you what it's like being black in France today'; I just want to give a face to the French youth I'm looking at."[10]


Due to the publishing of Portrait of a Lady on Fire's script, it is possible that the scripts for her other features could be published sometime in the future, either by Plain Archive or another publisher. However, it is extremely unlikely any official translations will surface in a language other than French or Korean.


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