Calimero (partially lost original Japanese version of anime series, 1992-1993)

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Japanese logo for the series.

Status: Partially Lost

Calimero (カリメロ Karimero?) is is a cartoon about a little black chicken with a half-eggshell hat.

The character has had multiple animated adaptations in Italy, France, and Japan. The second Japanese adaptation was made by Toei Animation, and consists of 52 episodes, which aired on TV Tokyo from October 15th, 1992 to December 31st, 1993.


The European dubs of this series are easily found online, but the original Japanese version is harder to find. There were 12 VHS releases with 3 episodes each which contained episodes 1-36, as well as 5 extra releases that each contained one episode previously released on VHS. Currently episodes 1-33 are available in Japanese. The VHS containing 34-36 has not been located yet and episodes 37-52 were never released on VHS. The episodes that are missing in Japanese are available dubbed in Italian on YouTube (albeit with a mirrored video).


Episode Status
1 Found
2 Found
3 Found
4 Found
5 Found
6 Found
7 Found
8 Found
9 Found
10 Found
11 Found
12 Found
13 Found
14 Found
15 Found
16 Found
17 Found
18 Found
19 Found
20 Found
21 Found
22 Found
23 Found
24 Found
25 Found
26 Found
27 Found
28 Found
29 Found
30 Found
31 Found
32 Found
33 Found
34 Found (Italian)
35 Found (Italian)
36 Found (Italian)
37 Found (Italian)
38 Found (Italian)
39 Found (Italian)
40 Found (Italian)
41 Found (Italian)
42 Found (Italian)
43 Found (Italian)
44 Found (Italian)
45 Found (Italian)
46 Found (Italian)
47 Found (Italian)
48 Found (Italian)
49 Found (Italian)
50 Found (Italian)
51 Found (Italian)
52 Found (Italian)

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