Calimero (partially found original Japanese version of anime series; 1974-1975)

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Calimero and Priscilla as they appear in the 1974 series.

Status: Partially Found

Calimero (カリメロ Karimero?) a cartoon about a little black chicken with a half-eggshell hat. Originally created in 1963 as a character for advertising soap,[1] he became widely popular in his home country of Italy. K&S, a Japanese company, caught wind of Calimero's fame, and in the early 70s, bought the rights to the character.[2] They soon contacted Toei Animation to make an animated series based on Calimero, and on October 15th, 1974, the first episode aired through NET Network, with the final episode airing on September 30th, 1975.[3]

The show would be dubbed into many different European languages in its lifetime; however, the original Japanese audio remains to be some of the most elusive among fans.


Episodes of the 1974 series have been dubbed in European languages, as well as in Arabic, and can be found online; However, the series' original Japanese audio is very hard to find. Unlike the 1992 Calimero anime, no known VHS or DVD releases of the 1974 series have been released with the original Japanese audio.

There were 45 episodes made for the show. Unlike most anime, most episodes were split into two 11 minute segments, with each segment having their own unique title. 24 of the 45 episodes have currently been found.

In September 2018, a user known as "Yuriko o" uploaded episodes 17-19, and later various others in Japanese on YouTube. Sometime between September 2018 and March 2019, his channel was terminated, leaving the episodes no longer available. However, they were all saved and re-uploaded on OneDrive by the Lost Media Wiki user KristoHam.

Episode List

# Episode/Segment Title Availability
1 "バザーは大成功〈前/〈後)" Found
2 "タマゴの帽子はすばらしい/遅刻戦争" Lost
3 "ぼくは超能力/ギャング入門" Lost
4 "一日ガードマン/大金庫どろぼう" Lost
5 "二人だけの運動会〈前)/〈後)" Found
6 "呪われたママ/折鶴に手を出すな" Lost
7 "歌え!ギャング/インチキ大地震" Lost
8 "くしゃみ大作戦/ジャ、ジャ、ジャン、チャ" Lost
9 "雪やこんこんクリスマス〈前)/〈後)" Lost
10 "世界一のめざまし時計〈前)/〈後)" Lost
11 "ボビが恋してる/大スター・カリメロ" Lost
12 "機関車ディック/宇宙がボクを呼んでいる" Lost
13 "おれたちゃペペポッポ/ちょっと残念" Lost
14 "大人になったら/乾杯!乾杯!又乾杯!" Lost
15 "ピーターの謎/黒いマントの魔術師" Lost
16 "旅行は誰と?/子守りの天才" Lost
17 "へんてこマラソン/幻の百点" Found
18 "あなたのわたしきみのぼく/ゆうかい魔現る" Found
19 "春だめだかだこれなあに/パパは不眠症" Found
20 "花束仕掛人/ペンダント騒動" Lost
21 "パパ、ごめんね/しんせつな一日" Found
22 "世にも不思議な出来事/ソリはリズムにのって" Found
23 "綿菓子ふわふわ雲みたい/美しいバラにはトゲがある" Found
24 "秘密の地図の秘密/ボビのハンバーガー" Found
25 "ワークブックは泥だらけ/動かないで!はい!パチリ" Lost
26 "大列車襲撃作戦/おーい自転車!" Lost
27 "サッカー選手カリメロ/いたずらの天才" Found
28 "虹がみえたぞ/ぼくのチョウチョウ世界一" Found
29 "もう遊ばないよ縁きった/お化けっているのかな?" Found
30 "おしゃれプリシラ/リボン戦争" Lost
31 "ギャング改心計画/ぼくは海賊" Lost
32 "落とし穴にご注意/親孝行はつらいよ" Lost
33 "カリメロ二世号の船出〈前)/〈後)" Found
34 "シャボン玉飛ばそう/パパ大好き!" Found
35 "おもちゃのキューピッド/カブト虫はどこへ" Found
36 "飛べ!カリメロ/大人は勝手" Found
37 "進め!ぼくの白い船/ビンづめの手紙" Found
38 "生々堂々の友情/肩こりこりこり" Found
39 "お手伝いおことわり/あきれた大間抜け" Found
40 "さよならプリシラ/雨の日のカリメロ" Found
41 "すみれの約束(前)/(後)" Found
42 "刑事カリメロ/赤く咲く白い花" Found
43 "いじめっ子はだあれ/カミナリよけ大騒動" Found
44 "花よいつまでも/花よいつまでも" Found
45 "考えるカリメロ/考えるカリメロ" Found

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