Capitol Hill Gangsta (partially found videos of Ray William Johnson YouTube show; 2008-2009)

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the logo for Capitol Hill Gangsta.

Status: Partially Found

Capitol Hill Gangsta was a YouTube series created by YouTuber Ray William Johnson back in 2008 for his channel. It was a comedic political talk show like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report and is notable for being different from the type of content that Ray would eventually make later on.

Over the years, YouTube has changed its terms of service and Ray's early videos were also affected which resulted in every Capitol Hill Gangsta episode and the first couple of Equals Three episodes being removed. Ray has also been cracking down on uploads of his older work and has copyright striked multiple uploads of Capitol Hill Gangsta and Equals Three episodes, as well as transformative works that use clips of him. Of these episodes, only 3 have been found and uploaded to Google Drive.


Ray William Johnson started his YouTube channel in 2007 while he was in college. His early videos were posted on a now-deleted channel in which he did stand vlogs and video gameplay. As his vlogs gained traction, he started a new series called Capitol Hill Gangsta in 2008.[1]

Capitol Hill Gangsta

On Capitol Hill Gangsta Ray would talk about US politics in a vlog format style. He would cover anything and everything relating to the politics and foreign policies of the United States. The description of his channel goes as follows:

***What is Capitol Hill Gangsta?*** Capitol Hill Gangsta is my weekly commentary concerning United States politics. Each episode consists of a brief rant dissecting whichever political topic happens to pique my interest at that particular moment. No topic is off limits. No topic is too taboo. Enjoy![2]


In 2009, Ray shifted focus from a politically based channel to more of a comedic channel. While videos on the Capitol Hill Gangsta had a comedic undertone, Ray wanted to pursue a more unserious route. He started the series Equals Three in 2009 where he would achieve more success.

As a result, Ray completely stopped doing Capitol Hill Gangsta in 2009. While Ray would work on and eventually depart from Equals Three, some Capitol Hill Gangsta videos stayed up until around 2019 when YouTube started to crack down on the videos. As a result, most Capitol Hill Gangsta videos have been lost.

As of now, only four episodes have been found.

Episode List

# Title Status
1 John McCain may have herpes! Found
2 Gay marriage will destroy us all! Lost
3 Rachael Ray hates America! Found
4 Hillary Clinton is neither a Democrat nor a Woman! Lost
5 Barack Obama hates white people! Lost
6 Biofuels will save the earth and enlarge your penis! Lost
7 Ron Paul is the next Jesus Christ! Lost
8 Stinky Mexican immigrants are taking over America! Lost
9 Abortion doctors kill babies for fun! Found
10 Is it OK to be Racist? Lost
11 Do feminists hate my penis? Lost
12 Is Wal-Mart the next Satan? Lost
13 Is Barack Obama too Britney? Lost
14 Is John Edwards a cheating cheater? Lost
15 Is the white race going to be extinct? Found
16 Is Barack Obama a secret Muslim? Lost
17 I can haz president? Lost
18 Did we srsly just elect a black guy? Lost
19 Is President Obama going to @#$% this up? Lost
20 Is American Idol immoral? Lost
21 Who broke Ann Coulter's jaw? Lost
22 Should we torture them? Lost
23 Should OJ Simpson run for office? Lost
24 Is Adolf Hitler the worst name ever? Lost
25 Is Rick Warren a closet homosexual? Lost
26 Should I beat up the governor? Lost
27 What's with black people and fried chicken? Lost
28 Wanna make out? Lost
29 Hillary Clinton the stripper? Lost
30 Barack Obama poops? Lost
31 The President fists his wife? Lost
32 Am I a jerk? Lost
33 Our Muslim friends? Lost
34 A black Republican? Lost
35 A brand new religion? Lost
36 Sarah Palin is smart? Lost
37 A date with a lesbian? Lost
38 Did you lose? Lost


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