Carb Solutions aka "Demon Lady" (found series of TV commercials; 2001)

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Demon Lady.jpg

A photo from the "Baby Shower" commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 Apr 2021 (Baby Shower) / 05 Jun 2022 (Airplane)

Found by: Jphn (Baby Shower) / Junkie's Tape Bin (Airplane)

Carb Solutions (mostly known as the Demon Lady commercials) are a series of commercials for the product Carb Solutions, but it became mostly known for a demon lady appearing in the commercials.


On the r/tipofmytongue Subreddit, user Mothman_Cigars makes a post regarding a strange commercial her boyfriend's mother and father saw, stating:

"Got this sub suggested to me before posting this to lost media, wondering if y’all knew.

Context is that I just got told a story by my boyfriends mother and father about a commercial they saw, here’s the details

This is in America, Texas specifically at the time It was a commercial that came on in 1999-2000, they only saw it once on tv at night It was some sort of a candy commercial including women, I asked what they were doing and the mom said they were inside a living room having something similar to a baby shower.

The commercial is similar to a snickers commercial but they didn't get to see the candy cause the commercial cut off

The detail they remember the most is that the lady turned into some freaky demon before being handed the candy, then she calms down

The mom thinks the candy might have been gum

Anyone have a single clue what that was? They say they haven’t seen it since so I want to find it, google isn’t much help here, thanks!"[1]

The post never went anywhere, but one commenter, u/IntoTheBoundingMain states:

"Someone's asked about this here before, and they said it was for some kind of oat bar (pretty sure it had Oat in the name). Sadly it went unsolved, but it's intrigued me ever since.

I've searched for it myself many times in the past but I don't remember the product name. Searching "oat demon" or something along those lines just kept bringing up some kind of energy bar, but I don't think that was the product in question. I'll try to find the post about it - I think it was several years old and I found it by searching ad-related threads.

It's also making me think of something involving passengers on a plane, but I'm unsure whether that was a similar commercial someone mentioned in the same thread or an unrelated ad for granola bars I happened upon in my search.

EDIT: I've searched every keyword I can think of, but Reddit's search function is next to useless. It definitely used to show up on the sub a year or two ago. Wracking my brain to see if I can remember the name of the product that got suggested in the thread."[2]

u/IntoTheBoundingMain then makes a post, a year later on the r/nonmurdermysteries subreddit about his finding on the commercial, and states that he found another post before Mothman_Cigars post about the commercial by u/Xoon7,7[3] and just like Mothman_Cigar’s post, the post never went anywhere.

However it wasn't the last post they did about the commercial as they mistakenly post it on the r/NoSleep Subreddit, a subreddit for Horror/Creepypasta stories. This time, users responded and gave their own memories on the commercial and gave additional information on the commercial.[4] Other comments can be found on Removeedit, but one user states that they remember another commercial likes this, this time being in an airplane.[5]

However, Other than Reddit, TV Tropes did talk and describe the commercial on their "Nightmare Fuel / Advertising" page, stating:

"There was a commercial for a carb bar, and it took place in a baby shower. One of the women in said shower offered the pregnant woman some cake, to which the pregnant woman declined, instead sticking to eating said carb bar. Then, without warning, the face of the woman who offered the cake went all demonic and scary. Also a case of What Were They Selling Again?, as absolutely no one knows the name of the carb bar being advertised."[6]

The similar accounts does lead to believe that at one point, this commercial was aired, but the accounts being distant is led to believe be a mass-misremembering scenario.

Key Details

Some of the most notable key details about this commercial and where/when it aired are:

  • the number of locations from which accounts of this commercial originate, including Canada: these places are Quebec, New York, Texas, SoCal, Ohio, and possibly Finland.
  • The commercial is estimated to have aired pre-9/11, most likely around 1999 and 2000. It is possible that it was airing as late as 2003. Most are pretty adamant it was closer to the end of the 1990s.
  • One channel it's said to have aired on is Comedy Central.
  • Nobody remembers the brand suggests that it is not a household name type of product.
  • The bridal shower phrase was "What’s wrong with pigs on a blanket" and the airplane's phrase was "C’mon, try the snack mix."[7]


With accounting posts, replies, and talks about it, it was possible that this commercial existed at one point, the only way for it to be found though is if someone was lucky enough to save it.

On April 26th, 2021, People found a video uploaded in 2011 by the user, Jphn, that shows a compilation of TV ads, and the first commercial to be shown was the "Baby Shower" commercial.

On June 5th, 2022, YouTuber Junkie's Tape Bin uploaded a compilation of TV ads, with the 11-minute mark having the airplane commercial, making both of these commercials become found.[8]



Carb Solution "Baby Shower" commercial.

Carb Solution "Airplane" commercial.

A compilation of other demon commercials.


Blameitonjorge's video on the subject (starts at 29:11).

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