Carlton Television (partially found idents of ITV region; 1993-2002)

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Carlton 1999.png

Carlton logo from 1999.

Status: Partially Found

Carlton Television was an ITV region in London replacing Thames Television on January 1, 1993. On October 28, 2002, Carlton and LWT were renamed to ITV1 London.

Below are the various lost idents from each ident package.

List of Idents


Carlton’s first on-screen identity was launched with an ident package featuring London personalities, the idents were produced by Lambie-Nairn. 100+ idents were produced and used from 1993-1995.

Ident Name Status
Elizabeth II, Queen, Windsor Found
Len Adam, Fast Draw Association, Bermondsey Found
Peter Fischer, Biker, Camberwell Found
Steve Morse, Biker, Leytonstone Found

In late 1993, there was a new set of 35 idents which consisted of 31 standard idents and 4 montage idents.

Ident Name Status
Belly Dancers, Acton Found
Bodybuilders, Epsom, Acton, Eltham Found
Rugby Players, Sudbury, Richmond Lost
Escapologist, Southend-on-Sea Lost

There are a few sequences featured in the montage idents, but no idents of those sequences have surfaced.


On September 4, 1995, a new look was launched featuring changing backgrounds of colours with a translucent Carlton logo in the centre of the screen. 30 idents were made, including Christmas and Easter versions. These idents lasted until November 22, 1996. These idents were produced by the Central promotions team in Nottingham, shortly after Carlton's acquisition of Central, and these were the only set of idents that were not produced by Lambie-Nairn.

Ident Name Status
Christmas Found
"Cyan Lines" Lost
Easter Found
"Yellow Lights" Lost


Carlton’s new set of idents launched on November 25, 1996, also produced by Lambie-Nairn, featuring the Carlton logo against a brightly coloured background and various animations occurring. 50+ idents were produced, including some designed especially to introduce certain programmes, and versions for Central were also introduced two years later on April 20, 1998. These idents were used until September 3, 1999.

Ident Name Status Description
Broadcasting A (3.5 minute version) Lost It was for use during breakdowns, but it was never used.
Christmas (Candles) Found
Christmas (Lights) Found
Christmas (Pudding) Found A full capture can be found here.
Christmas (Snowflakes) Lost
Christmas (Tree) Lost Mentioned on The TV Room's old site.[1]
Clowning Found
Coronation Street Found
Crossword Found
Custard Pie Found
Emmerdale Lost It was never used because the visuals were considered "too obscure" to connect this ident with the programme.
F1 Existence Unconfirmed Mentioned on a Twitter post by UKPRES.[2]
Generic (2) Lost The first version can be found here.
Gold Searchlight Existence Unconfirmed Mentioned on a thread on TV Forum.[3]
Locations Lost Withdrawn after causing epileptic fits. The currently known locations are "WARE", "ALBURY", "LYCHPIT" and "TOOTING".
Morning Lost Used for GMTV handover. It was the first ident to air at 9.25 a.m. on November 25, 1996.
Peak Practice Found (short version)
Sheepdog Found
Spotlight (B&W version) Lost Mentioned on The TV Room's old site.[4]
Soldier, Soldier Found
The Big Story Found
Typing Found
Videotech Lost This was the last of the programme-specific idents to be produced. The soundtrack didn't feature the familiar four-note stab.
Vortex Existence Unconfirmed Mentioned on a thread on TV Forum.[5]
Wildlife Found
World Cup 1998 Found Was only used during the 1998 World Cup. A full capture can be found here.


On September 6, 1999, Carlton’s boldest rebrand yet occurred, and it was also to be its last. Lambie-Nairn was once again commissioned, and a dozen idents were produced and were used depending on the programme to go before it. The idents featured opening films featuring a heart shape, before a star shaped light is emitted from the heart shape, before the screen changes to the Carlton logo, now with added star in top right corner, against a spinning stars background of different colours, with an ITV logo beneath.

There are no known lost idents from this ident package other than the one below.

Ident Name Status Description
Hearts Found This was never used because Carlton refused to use the hearts branding. It was uploaded, but then removed on YouTube, but it was found again in 2023. However it was removed again, before being found once again.


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