Caronia (lost Filipino TV commercial for nail polish; 1968)

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Caronia Nail Polish oldlogo.jpg

Former logo of Caronia.

Status: Lost

Caronia is a nail polish brand that was introduced in the Philippine market in 1968 by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation,[1] it became popular among the Filipinos. Several commercials were created, one of which is the iconic commercial in mid-1990s which has big bottles of Caronia and girls dancing with the jingle, there is the first commercial of Caronia aired in 1968, the year where the nail polish is also introduced to the Philippine market.[2]


This is said to be the first Filipino Caronia ad and was written by a blogspot writer. It was aired in 1968 on black and white TV, featuring Japanese-looking models with Twiggy haircuts and micro-minis dancing to a Japanese-sounding jingle. According to the writer of the blogspot, the said lyrics were this:

"CARONIA, CARONIA…ika bufini—manicura!"

"For a lot of charming—manicura!"

"Confucius say, it’s CARONIA!"[3]

A local version was made in the early 1980s featuring Vilma Santos, and later rehashed in the mid 1990s which is the commercial that got iconic.[4]


It's unknown where it aired, but presumably on the main networks at that time. The only known remnant of this jingle is from the Vilma Santos and the iconic mid 1990s commercial. The jingle was also parodied on the ABC-5 (now TV5) show Tropang Trumpo with the lyrics remade for a joke.