Castlevania IV (partially found prerelease builds of "Super Castlevania IV" Super Nintendo platformer sequel; 1991)

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Title screen of Castlevania IV as seen in prerelease footage of the game.

Status: Partially Found

Super Castlevania IV is a side-scrolling video game released in 1991. The game was developed and published by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and in it, you play as Simon Belmont as he sets out to defeat Dracula.[1]

On July 24th, 2020 the June 1991 build was rediscovered as part of the second set of "Nintendo Gigaleak" information that was leaked online.[2]


An early preview commercial for Super Castlevania IV (then titled simply Castlevania IV) appears to show many features the final version lacks. The features shown in this early version include:

  • A simpler title screen/main menu, with a watermark in the center.
  • Gameplay suggesting a two-player mode, which is not available in the released version.
  • The HUD being more reminiscent of the original Castlevania games, which is completely different from the final version.
  • Almost none of the level layouts shown resemble the final.
  • The outdoor sections seemingly use a darker, autumnal palette, though this could be due to low-quality recordings.
  • The skeletons look to follow Simon endlessly (as opposed to weaving back and forth) as used in the final version.
  • A snakelike boss is entirely absent from the final game.
  • A level select is shown, which can only be accessed with cheats in the final version; the early level select does not resemble what is used in the released game.
  • The barn segment contains enemies that appear to be possessed suits of armour.
  • The skeleton horse boss's neck moves all around instead of only moving in front of the body.
  • The sub-weapons only seem partially implemented; the graphics for them appear on the HUD, but they do not seem to be used.
  • The track Bloody Tears can be heard throughout the commercial; while the track is in the final product, the version used in the game is far different from the version heard in the commercial.


Castlevania IV commercial.

Super Castlevania IV June 1991 beta walkthrough (1/2).

Super Castlevania IV June 1991 beta walkthrough (2/2).