Catch of the Day (lost build of cancelled Nintendo Wii/DS fishing game; 2008)

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A page promoting the game as seen on a March 2008 issue of Nintendo Power.

Status: Lost

Catch of the Day is a cancelled fishing game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) that planned to release on the Nintendo Wii and DS around June 2008. The game was far in development around this time until it was cancelled for unknown reasons.

The game first publicly appeared on January 16th, 2008, where on a list Nintendo publicly released of upcoming games, the title "Catch of the Day" by Electronic Arts (EA) was listed.[1]


According to the page from the Nintendo Power issue, in the game, you fish in different areas of a map, where you either catch small fish or larger fish, which there are 140 variations of with both fictional and non-fictional fish. You can play as 10 different characters, including a cat, a pirate, and a robot. The game is complimented by classical music while you fish. A prominent fish named "the Kraken", who is featured on artwork and photos for the game, is a gigantic red dragon-like fish who is described as hard to catch.[2]

Most of this information is seemingly described for the Wii version of the game. The DS version of the game has barely any documentation but is described as similar to the Wii version while using the stylus for controls.


On February 9, 2009, MTV posted an article titled "What Was EA's 'Catch of the Day'?" where the writer speculates that the game never released. According to the writer, he attempted to contact EA labels, where he was not answered regarding the game. The game was then concluded to be cancelled after some time passed with no word.[3]

No builds of the game have resurfaced as of now. Multiple screenshots that come from the Nintendo Power issue, along with a video for the Wii version of game exist. A single screenshot exists for the DS version.

The video in question posted on March 7th, 2022, showcases an early and unfinished build of the game found on a Wii RVT-H development unit. The game does not appear to function fully in the video. This build has yet to be released publicly.



Footage for an early and unfinished build of the game.

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