Cats Don't Dance (lost original Michael Jackson version of animated film; 1993-1996)

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Cats dont dance poster.jpg

Film poster for the official 1997 release.

Status: Lost

Cats Don't Dance is a 1997 animated film produced by Turner Feature Animation. The film was a box office flop despite its critical success, and it was the only film to be produced by Turner Feature Animation before the Warner Bros.-Turner merger in 1996.

The film was initially announced as a production of "Lost Boys," owned by Michael Jackson and David Kirshner.[1] Jackson was alleged to produce and star in the film alongside animated Looney Tunes characters (a concept eventually produced in 1996 with Michael Jordan, Space Jam).[2] However, he eventually dropped out, and the film was released as an animated feature instead.

Little is known of what remains of Jackson's version of the film. Turner supposedly worked with a copy of the script, meaning an original screenplay may exist, but no other footage is known to exist.

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