Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany! (found episodes of MTV Germany claymation series; early 2000s)

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Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany!
The title card
The title card
Status Found
Date found 2014
Found by DrClark Wyman

In the 1990s, MTV debuted a hit series of claymation shorts entitled Celebrity Deathmatch. The series involved celebrities fighting against each other in a wrestling ring, and started way back on Cartoon Sushi with the very first fight, murderer Charles Manson vs. shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. It was later revived in 1998 for MTV's Super Bowl XXXII halftime special, then made into a regular program three months later, and eventually cancelled in 2002 after four years.

After the cancellation, and before the 2006 MTV2 revival, MTV Germany got the rights to do a horribly-done special. Unknown to American audiences, this special was called Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany!. It featured eleven one-minute-and-a-half fights featuring German celebrities, but only a few have been uploaded to the Internet, and this batch consisted of:

  • Harald Schmidt vs. Stefan Raab
  • Udo Lindenberg vs. Harald Juhnke
  • Michael Schuhmacher vs. Boris Becker
  • Sven Vaeth vs. Westbam
  • Anke Engelke VS Sabrina Setlur

The fights that haven't been uploaded are:

  • Campino VS Bela B.
  • Joschka Fischer VS Gerhard Schroder
  • Stefan Kretzschmar vs. Mario Basler
  • Gronemeyer VS Muller-Westerhagen
  • Thomas Gottschalk VS Kai Pflaume
  • Xavier Naidoo VS Thomas D.

DrClark Wyman ripped all the fights from VHS and uploaded them on YouTube in 2014, which he later took down due to the videos being blocked worldwide. The videos were reuploaded onto Dailymotion and can be seen below:


The complete series





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The videos on the channel of DrClark Wyman have been blocked worldwide, so he had to unlist them. However, you can find both videos as one here:


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