Celebrity Number Six (lost original photo of unidentified celebrity; date unknown)

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Celebrity Number Six.

Status: Lost

In January 2020, Reddit user TonstaH made posts on various subreddits discussing how they owned curtains containing fabrics covered with Pop art style illustrations of eight different celebrities, and were looking to identify each one. Since the initial posts, TonstaH and other Redditors have been able to identify the majority of the celebrities, by matching the illustrations with the source photos. However, the identity of one of the illustrations, now nicknamed "Celebrity Number Six", has remained a mystery, with users attempting to find the source photo to conclusively prove who they are.


According to TonstaH, the curtains in question were purchased over 10 years ago, most likely in 2008.[1] They claim that they obtained the curtains from a local store in Finland called Anttila.[2] Additional fabrics in orange have been advertised on eBay and Fabric House, though neither of the eBay sellers have responded to messages concerning the fabric, and the Fabric House has ultimately ran out of stock for this product.[3] Users researching the mystery discovered that the fabric had ties to Latky Mraz, a company operating within the Czech Republic. This was confirmed thanks to a user finding the original product number for the fabric, 2000070151884, which is linked to an old product page by Latky Mraz and is the same number across every seller of the item.[4]

On the Latky Mraz website, the company lists its cotton fabric vendors, which include Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller and Clothworks.[5] It is speculated that one of these vendors produced the fabrics, as they were listed by Latky Mraz in a Prague Patchwork Meeting newsletter in February 2013.[6] However, when users contacted the companies, Michael Miller and Clothworks claimed the fabric was not produced by them. Meanwhile, Robert Kaufman responded by claiming that they could not disclose its designers' identities, despite the fact that its designers are listed on its website. Therefore, it is suggested that the fabric was either produced by Robert Kaufman or was a Latky Mraz exclusive.[7]


Since the original posts in January 2020, Reddit users have successfully managed to identify almost every celebrity on the fabric. The first photo, "Celebrity 1", is of Adriana Lima, a model most famous for modelling for Victoria's Secret. The photo originated from a cover by XOXO and was possibly taken in 1999.[8] Lima also appears again in the fabric, "Celebrity 3" being a photo of her taken in 2004 as part of Victoria's Secret's "Angels Across America" Tour.[9]

The illustrations of "Celebrity 2" and "Celebrity 7" come from actors most famous for their appearances on the TV show Lost. Celebrity 2 is Josh Holloway, with the photo originating from GQ Magazine 2004's Men of the Year event.[10] Meanwhile, Celebrity 7 is Ian Somerhalder, the photo taken during the 2005 ABC Winter Press Tour Party, at Universal Studios.[11]

"Celebrity 4" is Jessica Alba, famous for appearing in multiple movies and television shows. Her photo originated from the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.[12] "Celebrity 5" is confirmed to be Travis Fimmel, a model and actor whose photo originated from the 2003-2004 WB Upfront at Sheraton New York.[13] Finally, Orlando Bloom, most famous for his roles in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises, appears as "Celebrity 8", with his photo originating from Kinema Junpo Magazine in 2003.[14]

Based on comparing the fabric illustrations with the source photos, some differences can be noted, ranging from minor changes like small modifications to Somerhalder's beard to omissions like the editing out of Bloom's hands.

Possible Celebrity Number Six Candidates

Despite the efforts of multiple Reddit users, the identity of Celebrity Number Six remains unknown, leading to the subreddit r/CelebrityNumberSix being created to discover both their identity and the source photo. Notably, it is even disputed what gender the individual in question is. A poll on the subreddit indicates that 65% believe Celebrity 6 is a woman, while 35% think the individual is a man.[15]

Since the investigation began, multiple candidates, male and female, have been suggested as being Celebrity 6, with some photos sharing some similarities with the fabric illustration. For instance, a popular theory is that Celebrity 6 is model Olga Serova, with a photo of her appearing at the 2007 Olympus Fashion Week Spring being compared to the illustration, with Serova notably sharing some facial similarity with the illustration.[16] Another potential candidate is actor Taylor Kitsch, where a photo of him share similarity in regards to hair and facial structure.[17]

Additionally, Reddit user HughWattmate9001 conducted a one-week investigation on gettyimages, searching through the entire 1998-2007 gettyimage archive of every photo that was taken by photographers responsible for the other celebrity photos appearing on the fabric. While they were unsuccessful in finding a matching source photo, they did list a number of celebrities they felt, based on analysis of all the photos, were most likely to be Celebrity 6. These included Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell, Kate Hudson, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Hilary Duff, and Angelina Jolie. They indicated that Wilde was the most likely candidate since she shared a similar facial structure as the illustration, and had many photos of her taken and published in 2004.[18]

Ultimately, as of the present day, the search remains ongoing, with no conclusive proof of who Celebrity Number Six is, let alone where their source photo originated from.



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