Central Independent Television (partially found idents of ITV region; 1985-1999)

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Central Cake.png

Central cake logo from 1985.

Status: Partially Found

ITV Central, previously known as Central Independent Television and Carlton Central, is an ITV region for the Midlands, and it replaced ATV on January 1st, 1982.

Ident List

Between 1985 and 1997, well over 10,000 different sequences were made by Central’s presentation team in Birmingham, including break bumpers, idents, "next" animations and trail designs, which give the channel a wider range of presentation than any other British television station. The last batch of cake idents to be created was introduced on January 1st, 1997, in which the cake became more abstract with both more advanced computer graphics used and more live-action models & sequences.

The cake lasted 13 years before being replaced on April 20th, 1998, by adapting a version of the idents used by Carlton who had been using since November 25th, 1996. This featured the name Central in the font Gill Sans in centre screen against a bright and colourful background.

Bumper Name Year Status Description
Billboard 1990? Found A camera recorded capture was surfaced in 2009.
Summer 1993 Found
Unknown 1994? Lost
"Seashells" 1994? Lost
"Seahorse" 1994? Lost
Rainbow Confetti 1994? Lost
ITO 1997 Lost
Carlton Country 1998 Found
Christmas (Mobiles) 1998 Found
Christmas (Tree) 1998 Lost Its existence was confirmed on a thread on TV Live Forum.[1]
Clowning 1998 Partially Found A 16:9 squeezed clip has been found on a Central promo from April 1998.
Crossword 1998 Lost Mentioned in sites such as Wikipedia and TV Live.
F1 1998 Found A partial capture was surfaced in 2015. Existence of a Carlton version was mentioned on a Twitter post by "UKPRES".[2]
Football 1998 Found
ITV (pre-October 1998) 1998 Found
Party Blower 1998 Found
Peak Practice 1998 Partially Found The only capture is in camera quality, and it cuts off at the end.
"Purple" 1998 Found This ident was used as a "crash slide"
Radar (pre-October 1998) 1998 Found
Radar (post-October 1998) 1998 Found
Transition 1998 Partially Found A 16:9 squeezed clip has been found on a Central promo from April 1998.
Word Game 1998 Found


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