Chase Mii (lost Wii U tech demo; 2011)

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Chase Mii Screenshot.png

A screenshot of the demo in action.

Status: Lost

Chase Mii was a tech demo for the Nintendo Wii U shown at E3 2011.[1] The demo was made to showcase the Wii U's gamepad. Despite only being a demo, it received positive reviews from those who were able to play it. The tech demo for Chasing Mii has yet to resurface.


In the demo, a Mii dressed as Mario runs ahead of up to four players controlling Miis in a maze-like arena. The players must then catch the Mario Mii once the timer goes off, and whichever player accomplishes this first wins.


While the tech demo has yet to resurface as of the writing of this article, footage of the demo is widely available. With the release of the Wii U in 2012, a launch title named Nintendo Land featured a mini-game called "Mario Chase" and many have pointed out the similarities between Chasing Mii and "Mario Chase".


Gameplay footage of Chase Mii.

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