Choujikuu Robo Meguru (found limited-release anime OVA; 2014)

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Promotional Artwork.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 Mar 2023

Found by: @wannoneko and Masterninjamind2

ChouJikuu Robo Meguru (超時空ロボMEGURU, lit. Hyperdimension Robo Meguru) is a Japanese mecha original video animation produced by Brain's Base and Studio A-Cat, and directed by Keiji Gotoh[1]


The story of the mecha anime revolves around 13-year-old Meguru Tokio, who is suddenly approached by a strange woman who is running away from something. She finds out that the girl's name is also Meguru, and although she appears to be around 17 or 18 years old, she has a passionate personality, which the younger Meguru has trouble dealing with. Meguru Tokio gets drawn into the older Meguru's fight with a mysterious organization and gets targeted by the organization as well. The one targeting them from the organization was the narcissist, Rei.

Although the younger Meguru can't believe that the older one came from the future, she fights alongside her in a dimensional robot. After fighting with Rei, she finds out that even though the other Meguru is older than her, she is Meguru Tokio's descendant. After finding out that someone has jumped into the past by the older Meguru's history surveillance device, the two also make a leap back into the past.


It was sold in limited quantities and only sold at Comiket or through the official website and no copies of the DVD ever surfaced online. The only thing available of the OVA was only a 30 second trailer and screenshots a lot of which weren't from the trailer and some artwork prior to 2022.

On the March 26th, 2023, a Twitter user called Masterninjamind2 (@gktjlytkyk) found a bunch of pictures and GIFs of scenes that weren't in the trailer or the screenshots in the official website uploaded by a Japanese user @wannoneko. The latter user said that they had the DVD as purchased from the official website along with a booklet containing a manga and that the OVA was 8 minutes long. @wannoneko shared the OVA, albeit was split into 4 parts. Masterninjamind2 then merged them into one video and uploaded them to YouTube and the Internet Archive. He then later asked about the booklet being shared but wannoneko said no outside of sharing the cover.


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