Chumel con Chumel Torres (partially found HBO Latin America talk show; 2016-2019)

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Thumbnail used by HBO in Prime Video and (supposedly) on HBO Go.

Status: Partially Found

Chumel con Chumel Torres was a late-night talkshow hosted by Mexican comedian Jose Manuel "Chumel" Torres and produced by HBO Latin America. The show was made as a Spanish counterpart/translation of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a show made by HBO that covered the same topics but for an American audience. The show ran from 2016 until its cancelation in late-2019.


Chumel Torres is a Mexican comedian best known for his webshow "El Pulso de la Republica", in which he comments about current political issues in Mexico in a sarcastic manner. HBO offered Chumel the opportunity to host an adaptation of Last Week with John Oliver but for the Latin American audience.

The show was about Chumel talking about economic, political and social problems in Latin America.


Chumel was invited to a forum about racism and classism organized by the "National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (CONAPRED)" on Mexico, this sparked criticism on social media due to Chumel's backstory of sour humor and inappropriate jokes.

Shortly after the annoucement of Chumel's presence at the forum, Mexico's First Lady Beatriz Gutierrez Muller tweeted the following (translated):

"He's is invited to a forum on discrimination, classism and racism? I am still waiting for a public apology from this individual about the attacks on my underage son." @CONAPRED[1]

This reaction by the first lady was caused due to Chumel joining the ongoing gag created in social networks to call "Chocoflan" the youngest son of the president.

Shortly after the tweet, CONAPRED decided to cancel the forum and following CONAPRED's announcement. HBO Latin America announced the following in their social media (translated):

"Due to recent allegations regarding comments made by Chumel Torres on social media, HBO Latin America has decided to suspend the broadcasting of the program CHUMEL CON CHUMEL TORRES until further notice, while we conduct an investigation into the allegations.

HBO Latin America is recognized for bringing to the screen productions that generate reflection and promote the discussion of crucial issues in our society, such as diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination."[2]


After the announcement, HBO decided to pull Chumel con Chumel Torres off the air and deleted all the episodes from their catalog in HBO Go and On-Demand services like izz! Go and DirecTV Go.

All Youtube content of the show was also deleted after HBO Latin America deleted the entirety of the content on their channel. Some clips of the episodes surfaced on Youtube, but no full episodes have been found.