Chute (found BBC children's show; 2007)

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A still from the show.

Status: Found

Date found: Jun 2017

Found by: Scottstrachann

Chute (stylised as CHUTE!, or just Chute!) was a 2007 UK television program made by the BBC for young viewers. The show starred Ross Lee, watching many different odd segments on VHS tapes looking for the one that would show him the way out of the trash chute he was pushed into.[1] The show only lasted from September to December of that year, and BBC One only aired any episodes at all during that time frame, but the show was later rerun on the CBBC Channel from 2007-2008.


For years, only a small amount of clips and one full episode had been found of this rare BBC show, and the fact that it was never released on BBC DVD or on the BBC iPlayer didn't do anything in the show's favor.

However, in early September 2016, some searchers discovered that Ross Lee's official website had seven episodes of the thirteen making up the entire show available for public viewing, making them found.[2]

In June 2017, all the remaining episodes of Chute were found by Scottstrachann when he contacted the dubbing mixer of Chute for details on episodes eight through thirteen.

At some point afterward, The BBC removed the 1st, 3rd, and 6th episodes for copyright infringement. However, a user called Shiba has reuploaded the 1st, 3rd and 6th Episode on MEGA, so the series is fully found once again.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 James Mackenzie Sept 27th, 2007 Found
2 Bill Oddie Oct 4th, 2007 Found
3 Ben Major Oct 11th, 2007 Found
4 Chuckle Brothers Oct 18th, 2007 Found
5 Lizo Mzimba Oct 25th, 2007 Found
6 James and Oliver Phelps Nov 1st, 2007 Found
7 Dick and Dom Nov 8th, 2007 Found
8 Ian McNeice Nov 15th, 2007 Found
9 Dan Anthony and Tom Knight Nov 22nd, 2007 Found
10 Arlene Phillips Nov 29th, 2007 Found
11 Danny John-Jules Dec 6th, 2007 Found
12 Ted Robbins Dec 13th, 2007 Found
13 Bobby Ball Dec 20th, 2007 Found


Scribbles to Screen's video on the subject.

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