Clement's Wrestlegamia (lost YouTube professional wrestling video game retrospective series; 2012)

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ClementJ64's YouTube profile picture as of December 28th, 2022.

Status: Lost

ClementJ64 (formerly ClementJ642) is a Canadian YouTuber most known for his "Let's Play" videos and Gaming Retrospectives. However, in addition to these, he has uploaded live-action skits and vlog reviews as well as other miscellaneous content. He opened his YouTube account on April 30th, 2007.

Clement's Wrestlegamia!

In 2012, Clement64 uploaded eleven videos as part of a new retrospective series called Clement's Wrestlegamia. This series covered his experience with professional wrestling video games. These videos featured footage of relevant gameplay as well as short clips of moments originating from professional wrestling shows.

The Removal

In 2014, according to ClementJ64, two of the episodes were blocked worldwide by WWE.[1] ClementJ64 confirmed to have deleted (Part 5) at this time,[2] but it is unclear when the rest of the series was deleted. It can be assumed that they were all deleted in response to one or more of WWE's copyright claims on the videos.


All eleven videos were posted to Clement64's YouTube account in 2012 and remained there until some time in 2015, meaning all of the episodes were accessible for over two years. Since their removal, none of "Clement's Wrestlegamia!" has been known to be reuploaded. It is possible that someone downloaded some or part of the series while it was still available. In addition to this, ClementJ64 has confirmed that he has at least three of the episodes in a Twitter post.[3]

List of WrestleGamia Episodes:

Title YouTube Upload ID Upload Date Status
(Part 1) CB7rnyS1oOo 2012 Lost
(Part 2) ZIaoABDYYm8 2012 Lost
(Part 3) -XY4BvT9Hf0 Early July, 2012 Lost
(Part 4) LWswBCH5gOE July 9, 2012 Lost
(Part 5) EAzE5U5hh54 Late August 2012 Lost
(Part 6) Unknown 2012 Lost
(Part 7) JskQqrS9j7w 2012 Lost
(Part 8) RGUFbkiYbkM 2012 Lost
(Part 9) 7z5icwAmIk4 September 2012 Lost
(Part 10) YZS9wkMy3vE September 2012 Lost
(Finale) LmivYWJ5d2g September 2012 Lost


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