Clerks (found pilot of cancelled live-action sitcom TV series based on film; 1995)

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A screenshot of the pilot taken from an archived review.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Jan '15

Found by: Unknown

In 1994, director Kevin Smith's comedy about the life of two convenience store employees Clerks won him dozens of awards and began his future ventures into film making. Even today, it is regarded as a seminal independent film.

Sometime during 1995 (while Smith was making Mallrats), some TV executives tried to convince him to make a television series based on the film. However, due to the film's vulgar nature, the content was considerably toned down, and new actors were brought in.

Director Kevin Smith.

Reportedly, Smith was not informed of the filming of the pilot, and actors Brian 'O' Halloran ("Dante Hicks" in the film) and Jeff Anderson ("Randall Graves") both auditioned for parts, but were rejected.

After seeing the result, both actors were happy with not getting the part. By all accounts, the pilot was a failed attempt to turn the movie into a network-friendly sitcom, with disastrous results.

On January 25th of 2015, an anonymous user uploaded the full pilot.[1]



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