Cloud Nine (partially found live-action segments from PAX TV children's block; 1998–2000)

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Cloud Nine Angels.jpeg

Two of the angels from the live-action segments.

Status: Partially found

Cloud Nine (or Cloud 9) was a children's programming block that aired on Saturday and Sunday mornings on PAX TV (now Ion Television) from 1998 to 2000, as part of a two-year agreement.[1] The block featured cartoons from DiC Entertainment, which was owned by Disney during the block's run. Cloud Nine was hosted by a trio of teenage angels who, in a series of live-action segments produced in-house at PAX, ran a public-access show.[2]


A commercial for Cloud Nine containing some of the live-action segments was uploaded to YouTube on September 17th, 2018, by Peter Paltridge under the username platypuscomixII. Paltridge stated in an article on his website,, that he has no other recordings of the block, and he taped PAX only two times during its seven-year existence.[3] No other footage of the block has surfaced online since then. Due to this, the majority of Cloud Nine's live-action segments are considered lost.


A commercial for the block, featuring some of the live-action segments.