Club Pogo (partially found subscription-based Flash games; 2003-2020)

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Club Pogo's original logo.

Status: Partially Found

Club Pogo is a subscription-based online game website that launched July 23rd, 2003, as a premium version of[1]

Pogo hosts a plethora of browser-based games. Almost all are casual games that range from single-player word games[2] to multiplayer board games.[3] Club Pogo, the premium version, allows users to access a multitude of extra games with no ads as well as members-only chat rooms. Other services provided included customizable avatars, unlockable badges, and virtual prizes.


From 2003 until 2020, Club Pogo's games ran in Adobe Flash Player. In 2020, dozens of titles were removed from the website due to the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player. As these games were locked behind a paywall, many were unable to download the files before they were removed, and they have since been lost.

A handful of these games are still available on Pogo's website, although they are HD remasters written in JavaScript and are not the original Flash games.[4]


While almost all of the original game files are lost and have not been released to the public, there are multiple videos showcasing gameplay footage. Screenshots for multiple games have also been archived. Many links to game pages are available on the Internet Archive but are not acessible to play as an account cannot be made.

In 2021, a user on the Internet Archive uploaded 27 titles that were available on PC as well as on Pogo's website.[5] These are not the original Flash Player files and are upgraded versions of the original games, but the core gameplay is almost identical.


A total of 39 games were known to be available through a Club Pogo subscription. Almost every game has surviving gameplay footage or screenshots, but as of 2024, no games have their files available for download on the Internet Archive.

Game Name Status
Aces Up! Lost
Battle Phlinx Lost
Blooop Lost
Canasta Lost
Casino Island Blackjack Lost
Dice City Roller Lost
Dice Derby Lost
Fortune Bingo Lost
Greenback Bayou Lost
Harvest Mania Lost
Hog Heaven Slots Lost
Jigsaw Detective Lost
Jungle Gin Lost
KenoPop! Lost
Lottso! Lost
Mahjong Garden Lost
Makeover Madness Lost
Penguin Blocks Lost
Perfect Pair Solitaire Lost
Pinochle Lost
Phlinx Lost
Pogo Addiction Solitaire Lost
Pop Fu Lost
PoppaZoppa Lost
Quick Quack Lost
Shuffle Bump Lost
Squelchies Lost
Stellar Sweeper Lost
Super Dominoes Lost
Texas Hold'em Poker Lost
Thousand Island Solitaire Lost
Tri-Peaks Solitaire Lost
Wonderland Memories Lost
Word Craft Lost
World Class Solitaire Lost
WordJong Lost
Word Search Daily Lost
Word Whomp Whackdown Lost

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