CollegeHumor Originals (partially found internet videos; mid 2000s-mid 2010s)

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The original CollegeHumor cast

Status: Partially Found

CollegeHumor was a popular internet comedy website of the 2000s and 2010s featuring videos, images and articles to appeal particularly to college students. It is perhaps best known for its wide range of CollegeHumor Originals content, creating many hit sketches and series like Jake and Amir and Hardly Working.

The site notoriously came to an untimely close in January 2020, with its parent company deciding to no longer fund its operation after diminishing returns. This naturally left an array of content that was exclusive to the website, having never been uploaded to the official YouTube channel, to be left to the wayside (assuming it hadn't been removed prior like "Fatal Decision 2: The Decision Is You"). This was slightly rectified with the inclusion of legacy content through the successor Dropout service, but it still omits a large amount of CollegeHumor's missing catalogue. In addition, Dropout's versions of legacy videos would be edited in two ways: they would plaster over the old CollegeHumor website screen bug as it serves no purpose anymore, and likewise, they would remove the iconic CollegeHumor end card that originally featured the "HUH!" sound effect and would punctuate the ending punchline of a video, sometimes allowing for a post-end card gag that is now merely merged into the rest of the video. This alters the video from how it's intended to be presented and perceived and unfortunately serves as the only available copy of at least one video with a post-card gag (Hardly Working "Credit Card"), creating reasonable doubt as to how that video is supposed to play out.

In addition, even video uploads on the CollegeHumor YouTube channel have been subject to being quietly taken down over time. A lot of material that could be seen as especially controversial in their current, more politically correct standards is likely to now be privated. This could be seen with videos containing trans-related jokes, those containing some kind of blackface, those containing slurs and so on. Even if this was somewhat inconsistent, as for example, some videos containing slurs still remain up on the channel ("We Didn't Start the Flame War" and Hardly Working "Brainstorming" contain the usage of "fag"). And sometimes it was particularly difficult to determine exactly why a video was privated in the first place (many of the earlier, prototype Dorkly cartoon sketches seem to be taken down for whatever reason). This absence in some specific videos is also felt in the Dropout service, posing another error in that service's archiving capabilities.

A lot of CollegeHumor's videos are thus currently unavailable. The Wayback Machine almost never saves video uploads of coveted episodes' pages on the CollegeHumor website and it seems that it wasn't exactly common for fans to rip and upload the CollegeHumor-exclusive Hardly Working episodes to YouTube even at the peak of its popularity. There are still a lot of its episodes that are currently missing, even with the edgy episodes and currently Dropout-exclusive episodes both being re-uploaded. Series co-creator David Fishel also doesn't have any copies of the missing episodes.[1]

Considering the scope of an entire website's worth of videos being taken down, this may not be a comprehensive and complete list of missing videos, at least outside of the Hardly Working and The Collegehumor Show listings that were more carefully checked (up to "Sex, Drugs, and Treen" of the modern era in 2013 with Hardly Working's episodes). CollegeHumor Originals were also checked through up to "Phillip Ellis, CEO Retirement Roast" and may not be complete.


Hardly Working

All but three videos of the original 2008 All-Nighter are lost ("Dodgeball", "Bizarro Office" and "He's Right Behind Me"). Additionally, there exists a weird pattern that even videos with particularly notable guest stars are simply no longer available because they were seemingly incentivised as being CollegeHumor-exclusive and were never reuploaded since (in addition to "Whitest Kids" and "Five Year Hangover", the "Jackass" episode is only available through fan reuploads). "Josh's Mindhouse: The Gruber Brothers" is uploaded on YouTube, but is uniquely made unavailable.[2] "Yawn of the Dead" has also now been made unavailable, presumably due to the usage of copyrighted music in Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Additionally, there's reports[3][4] of a video involving the cast shouting "Boys vs. girls! Boys vs. girls!" and something causing Sarah to get a nosebleed, with "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5 playing at the end. It's unknown if this is another video (or Hardly Working episode) to add to the list or if it's one of the videos already listed.

Name Status
CollegeHumor Staff Tattoos Lost
Toilet Humor Lost
Weather Report Lost
Keyboard Prank Partially Found (The CollegeHumor Show version)
Insults Lost
Something to Hide Lost
Flip Glass Lost
Officer Patrick Lost
CH Wrestling League Lost
Happy Halloween Lost
Whitest Kids Lost
Hardly Drinking Found
Trilogies, Part II! Lost
Magazines Found
Hotter Lost
Backwards Lost
Phantom of the Apartment Found
Yawn of the Dead (AKA Yawn Dead) Found
Streeter Theeter: Best Buy Manager Audition Found
Gale Beggy Makes a Movie Lost
Streeter Theeter: Best Buy Manager Late Halloween Found
Streeter Theeter: Phantom Throughout History Found
Streeter Theeter - Best Buy Manager Chat Roulette Found
My Two True Loves Found
Josh's Mindhouse: The Gruber Brothers Lost
Jar Of Farts Lost
Secret Santa Lost
Miserable Jake Lost
Phantom of the Office: Chair Spinning Lost
Five Year Hangover Lost
Every Death from "Hardly Working" Lost
Sex, Drugs, and Treen Lost


Name Status
All-nighter: Pee Chain Lost
All-nighter: Collage Humor Lost
All-nighter: 9 O’Clock Lost
All-nighter: Man on the Street(er) Lost
All-nighter: Handicap Suicide Lost
All-nighter: Air Horns Lost
All-nighter: Finally Finished Lost
You'sa Bitch (All-Nighter 2012)[5] Lost


CollegeHumor has done many ads for Mike's Hard Lemonade, initially the website-spanning Faking It campaign with several videos made involving participation from Jake and Amir. This was followed by several more over the years like the 4th of July in the Office campaign set in the actual CollegeHumor office and several short Jake and Amir ads, which also had a Spotify advertisement as listed on the official script archive.

Name Status
Introduction (Faking It) Lost
Office Romance (Faking It) Lost
Hit or Miss (Faking It) Lost
Writing A Book (Faking It) Lost
Marathon (Faking It) Lost
Tips from Mike's (Faking It) Lost
Mike's Hard Lemonade Faking It Lost
Mikes Hard Lemonade Lost
4th of July in the Office: Fireworks Lost
4th of July in the Office: Parade Lost
4th of July in the Office: BBQ Lost
July 4th in the Office: Beach Party Lost
(Jake and Amir Mike's Hard Lemonade ads) Lost
Spotify Ad Lost

The CollegeHumor Show

Additionally, a few exclusive bonus videos for The CollegeHumor Show existed on MTV's website, and at least one on CollegeHumor itself[6].

Name Status
The CollegeHumor Show / A Day At The Office Lost
The CollegeHumor Show / A Little Advice From Ricky Lost
Promo: Streeter Skateboards Lost

CollegeHumor Music

CollegeHumor Music was a subsection of the CollegeHumor brand that specialised in musical parodies of popular songs.

Name Description Status
Avril Parody A parody of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" Found
Brohemian Rhapsody CollegeHumor's epic frat party music video. Found
Taft! Found
Awkward Rap Found
Stop Carlos Mencia Found
One Week Barenaked Ladies Parody Found
If I Were A Bro Found
The One Kind Of Porn You Can't Find Online Found
We Didn't Start The Flame War Found
In An Apatow World Found
25 Random Things "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus parody Found
Don't Stop Your Screaming Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" parody. Found
Kiss The Girl... Continued Found
Honest Graduation Song Found
Turn And Smile Sitcom Theme Song Found
Ringo Wants To Sing More Found
Web Site Story Found
Half-Birthday Sex Found
The Freshman 15 Found
Jetsons Theme Song Extended Found
FUPA Found
Let's Talk About Sext Found
I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" parody. Found
End Of The World Found
Actually Ironic Alanis Morissette parody. Found
The Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day Found
You Became A Meme Found
Run This Raid "Run This Town" by Rihanna parody. Found
Sing Talk "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha parody. Found
Rude Boy's Response "Rude Boy" by Rihanna parody. Found
Replay "Replay" by Iyaz parody. Found
The Ballad of John and Four Loko A single screenshot from this video can be found here Lost


"Bookstore" was the first-ever CollegeHumor Original, being uploaded to their website on June 6th, 2000.[7] They have other early works from 2006, some of which are also lost. "Every California Gurls Parody" (which was just a mashup of existing "California Gurls" online parodies) was available on CollegeHumor's iTunes podcast back in the day, which was just their original videos released as a video podcast. "Fatal Decision 2: The Decision Is You" was an interactive choose your own adventure experience using a specific Flash video player of the time that only lasted a couple of years, making it a special rarity amongst lost CollegeHumor content.[8]

Name Status
Bookstore Lost
Beaver! Lost
Trashcans Lost
Disrupting a Bookstore Poetry Reading Lost
Breakdancing in Public 1 Lost
Breakdancing in Public 2 Lost
Breakdancing in Public 3 Lost
Fridge Lost
Papertowels Lost
Dinner Hall Lost
Mall Sledding Lost
Losing Control Part 1 Lost
Spiral Lost
Speed Lost
Beer-fueled Mayhem 2000 Lost
RollerSkating Lost
Wedding Store Lost
Car Contest Lost
Extreme Sledding in D-Major Lost
Losing Control Part 2 Lost
Mall Fall Lost
Weight Watchers Commercial Parody Lost
IM Me Found
Gwammi Mufasa Lost
Street Fighter: The Later Years Found
Rejected Wii Games Found
Girls's Costume Warehouse Found
Losticil Found
Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 2 Found
Winter Wonderland Found
Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 3 Found
Flip Cup PSA Lost
Great Moments in College History Lost
John Glen Davies Lost
Seth MacFarlane's Nightmare Lost
Super Sloppy Thanksgiving Lost
Mementos Lost
Derrick's Party Dudes Lost
Scott Gairdner: Coming Out Lost
Nickelodeon Promos Found
Phillip Ellis, CEO Retirement Roast Lost
Every California Gurls Parody Found
Fatal Decision 2: The Decision Is You Lost
Ghost Spiders Found
Zoo Horn Found
Very Mary-Kate: Shrooms Lost
Molly Made Me: Episode 1 Found
Molly Made Me (Episode 2) Lost
Molly Made Me (Ep. 3) Found


There were also some videos on the site to do with their stage appearances in CollegeHumor Live and CollegeHumor Offline[9] and such.

Name Release date Status
CollegeHumor Media 2010 May 8, 2003[10] (seems inaccurate) Lost
Collegehumor Live LA: Skyler Stone Lost
CollegeHumor Live: NYC - Leo Allen October 30, 2008[11] Lost
CH Live: NYC - Hardly Working: Endings December 11, 2009[12] Lost
CH Live: NYC - World Records January 15, 2010[13] Lost
Collegehumor Live: SXSW Highlight Reel April 4th, 2011[14] Lost
CollegeHumor Offline Highlight Reel Gramercy Theater 8-10-11 15th August, 2011[15] Lost
CollegeHumor Offline Returns August 2nd June 19, 2012[16] Lost
CollegeHumor Offline 2012 (highlight reel) August 10, 2012[17] Lost
CollegeHumor: Potato Party March 8, 2013[18] Lost

Bleep Bloop

Name Status
Bleep Bloop: Major League Gaming Teammates Lost
Bleep Bloop: Creating a Guitar Hero Song Lost
Bleep Bloop: Call of Duty Nightvision Goggles Lost
Bleep Bloop: NBA Jam-Off Lost
Bleep Bloop: Zoo Keeper Lost

Hello My Name Is

There's a lost Hello My Name Is episode "John Raven"[19], apparently featuring a presumably problematic depiction of a Native American drug dealer[20].

Name Status
John Raven Lost

Mike and Watt

Mike Schubach (who appeared in CollegeHumor videos like the Jake and Amir "Sick Day" saga) & Alex Watt uploaded their own unofficial series of videos to the CollegeHumor website whilst working there. One video called "Mike and Watt Will Will Dead"[21] was preserved through being one of the only videos on the CollegeHumor website archived by the Wayback Machine. Some of these are preserved through a dedicated YouTube channel[22], but others are missing as they were naturally not official CollegeHumor videos in the first place.[23][24]

Name Status
Mike and Watt Apologize to Murph Lost
Mike and Watt Make Will Look Dumb Lost
Mike and Watt Are Back At It Lost
Mike and Watt Get New Pants Lost
Mike and Watt Talk About the Great Gatsby Lost
Mike and Watt Get Free or Die Lost
Mike and Watt Confront "Watt" Lost
Mike And Watt End Mike and Watt Lost


Outtakes for Hardly Working "Flip Glass."

Outtakes for Hardly Working "Hardly Drinking."

Behind the scenes for Hardly Working "Pee Chain."

Brief snippet of Hardly Working "Phantom of the Apartment" (0:41).

Clips from the missing All-Nighter episodes.

Clips from the missing All-Nighter episodes.

Clips from the missing All-Nighter episodes.

Brief snippet of Hardly Working "Whitest Kids" (3:13 - 3:15).

Compiled clips of the missing All-Nighter episodes guessing which snippets were which video, alongside the "Whitest Kids" remnants.

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