This has "Pirate Cart" written all over it.

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I think most likely the publishers got a hold of a weird chinese pirate cart. It is very common for these kinds of cartridges on NES to have non-sensical names ie: Super Mari Bros. 4 despite Mario 3 not being out and Millipecle for Millipede. It's also common to find Japanese games localized this way like Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. I have a whole cartridge full of unofficial ports with weird names and even a Famicom to NES converter that was attached to it. Cartridges like this can vary from common to one of a kind in rarity.

My theory is that Yeah Yeah Beebiss I was an unofficial port of the Rai Rai Kyonshis game by some chinese company that does these kind of games. It might have even been a totally different game that just used a mistranslated version of the official game's box art. If it was a pirate game it would explain why they all claimed to not have it; because they wouldn't be allowed to sell it.