Cosmo's Rocket (lost build of cancelled PC game; 1996)

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Front cover for the game.

Status: Lost

Cosmo's Rocket is a cancelled PC game that was being developed by Class6 Interactive, meant to be released in late 1996 for Windows 95. The short-lived Hollywood company, formed in February 1996, was developing at least five games for PC with the funds of TechToons Ltd., it's Hong Kong-based joint venture partner; In the end, only one title was released: Creature Crunch, a cartoony point-and-click adventure featuring the voices of Martin Short and Eugene Levy. A few bits of information surfaced about Cosmo's Rocket, the second CD-ROM from the company, whereas the names of the three other games have not been even disclosed.

It is very likely that Cosmo's Rocket would have been a cartoon adventure game similar to Creature Crunch, because Class6 is said to have been using the same system called "PixCel", developed by the company itself.[1] The game was narrated by famous actress Susan Sarandon.[2]

No more information about post-1996 Class6 Interactive can be found, suggesting the company was either acquired or folded, leaving the four other games including "Cosmo's Rocket" in various states of development.[3]


Cosmo is a young boy who loves creating new things from junk. He lives with his parents and his dog, Apples. On the first day at school, all the kids make fun of Cosmo because of his weird-looking lunchbox. But when they realize that Cosmo invented himself his "interactive mechanical lunchbox", the kids befriend him with the exception of Eugene, the local bully. Cosmo and his new friends decide to build a rocket as a school science project, while Eugene tries to stop them.

Suggested Release Dates

Several release dates have been disclosed before and after Class6's disappearance:

  • The trademark registration "Cosmo's Rocket" was filled on 12/22/1995 by Class6 Interactive.[4]
  • A Business Wire article from March 1996 states CR is due "for a Spring 1996 release".
  • A PR Newswire article from July reveals Susan Sarandon's involvement in the title, but announces this time a "Fall 1996 release".
  • The August 1996 issue of Animation World announces it for Fall 1996 as well.[5]
  • The website indicates the game was released on "December 1st, 1996",[6] but this is unlikely to be true.

According to a former developer from Class6, Cosmo's Rocket was "never finished" and it is very doubtful that "there is even a working copy of it anywhere". Only a front cover has been found.


Creature Crunch, the sole game released by Class6. Source: BigMathot @ YouTube.