Council for the Welfare of Children "Per Kilo" PSA (found Filipino child trafficking PSA; 1999)

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A still from the PSA.

Status: Found

Date found: 14 Feb 2021

Found by: negotiationsmakestrangebedfellows

The Council for the Welfare of Children made a PSA aired in 1999 about child trafficking/prostitution. The PSA is also known as "Per Kilo" PSA. The PSA is known to be unsettling due to its plot and the little girl at the end of the PSA.


The PSA starts with a slab of meat dropped into the table and "₱ 108 per kilo" shown with the meat. Onto the next frame, a lump of chicken meat dropped into the table with "₱ 82.50 per kilo". The last frame showing a little girl with "₱ 53 per kilo" shown. The end card was then shown with the words Keep Children Off The Market in DeFonte font.[1]


According to eyewitnesses, it was aired on ABS-CBN during English movies every night. One also says he saw this PSA on ABC-5 and a person said it was aired in the mid-2000s in the timeframe of 2001-2004.[2][3][4] The commercial was first mentioned in February 2000, on a PinoyExchange forum. Reddit user caladbolg_ described this commercial in 2016[5] and again on the Facebook group The Spooky Advertisements History Group from 2018.

On February 14, 2021, YouTuber "negotiationsmakestrangebedfellows" found the PSA on Adeevee.[6] More info is known, such as it was produced on October 1999.

A more high-quality version was uploaded by 4As Philippines in December 13, 2022.


The full PSA.