Cracking Up (partially found Fox sitcom; 2004)

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The cast of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Cracking Up is an American single-camera sitcom created and written by Mike White (School of Rock), which aired from March 9th to April 5th, 2004 on Fox. It centers on the Shackleton family consisting of parents Lesley (Molly Shannon) and Ted (Christopher McDonald), and their three children, as well as Ben Baxter (Jason Schwartzman), a student who moves in with the family.[1]

The series was never reaired after its brief Fox run and has never been released on home video or streaming. According to a United States Copyright Office catalog, thirteen episodes were made,[2] including an unaired alternate version of the pilot; of these thirteen, only the first six episodes were aired and can be found on YouTube, all uploaded by one Mrsunshine022 Ross. The remaining six episodes, plus the unaired pilot, have not been accounted for over fifteen years later.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
0 Unaired Pilot Unaired Lost
1 Pilot March 9, 2004 Found
2 Birds Do It March 10, 2004 Found
3 Scared Straight March 15, 2004 Found
4 Panic House March 22, 2004 Found
5 Grudge Match March 29, 2004 Found
6 Prom Night April 5, 2004 Found
7 Daddy's Home Unaired Lost
8 Learning Disability Unaired Lost
9 The Fixer Unaired Lost
10 The Pool Man Unaired Lost
11 The Bully Unaired Lost
12 Come Home Lassie Unaired Lost