Crash Test Dummies (partially found British TV series; 2007)

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Ctd title.jpeg

The logo of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Crash Test Dummies was a 2007 British television series that used to air on Sky 1. It had starred Dan Wright and Steve Marsh (who were well-known for presenting Big Cook, Little Cook on CBeebies), and was narrated by famous actor Brian Blessed. The series involved Wright and Marsh attempting to destroy multiple objects that were known to be indestructible, such as a boat or a helmet for example. Aside from this, they also tend to do tests and experiments.

Though some short clips of the show have been uploaded onto YouTube, Crash Test Dummies did not see a full episode onto YT until from the 4th of November 2016, user GPITRAL8 had uploaded some full episodes of the show onto his account. However, some parts had been narrated to explain what's going on during some scenes of the show and there were audio issues throughout some other parts. Also, pictures of what could be all of the episodes were discovered on a website known as Dvber.