Crash Village (partially found multiplayer online game; 2007)

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Crash village logo.png

The game's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Crash Village was an online multiplayer interactive world, similar to games such as Club Penguin. Launched on the official Crash Bandicoot website in 2007, the game was made to promote the contemporary main console titles Crash of the Titans, and later Crash: Mind over Mutant.

Players could create custom avatars by combining the body parts of pre-existing Crash Bandicoot characters together, and walk around virtual areas, communicating with other players via text and emotes, throwing Wumpa Fruit at each other, and playing rock-paper-scissors. Several minigames were also available to play, as well as information about the games and characters to read.

The game itself is entirely lost, with none of the games still being available to play. The servers were shut down in 2011, and none of the minigames have been archived. Downloadable extras were also available on the website, such as screensavers and concept art for Crash of the Titans. Some of these downloads have been archived, namely a clock screensaver that was unique to the site.

Minigame List

Game Title Status
Tattoo Parlor Lost
Beat the Bandicoot Lost
Obstacle Course Lost
Mutant Creator Lost
Titan Match Mania Lost
Copy Coot Lost
No Monkey No Lost
Merry Crashmas Lost


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