Crash Zoom (found pilot for animated web series; 2011)

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Crash zoom title.png

The series' logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 10 Nov 2014

Found by: DarkSquidge

Crash Zoom is an animated web series created by Thomas "Tom" Ridgewell, known for creating the popular asdfmovie shorts. Crash Zoom follows three friends who go on many crazy adventures. One is an adventurous teenage girl, the second is an idiotic blond filmmaker, and the third is a small girl with demonic powers. The first episode of the show was uploaded in 2014, but there was also an unreleased pilot created in 2011.


In 2010, around the time Tom was doing voices for his friend's web series, Eddsworld, he decided to use the money he was making on YouTube to create a fully-funded animated web-series. Unlike Eddsworld, which used characters based on real people, he decided to settle on making a show with original characters, and so he came up with Crash Zoom. The strangeness of this title was made fun of in the show's first season finale.

Months later, Tom wrote the script for the pilot, and as described by him, "It just kind of started going wrong over and over again". Tom approached Edgar Neilson (also known as FunyMony on YouTube) and thus the pilot was started. The pilot was left unfinished due to the Sandy Hook school shooting, as there was one recurring gag in the pilot where someone would come in and shoot up a nursery/primary school. Tom thought it was way too offensive and soon, and so they abandoned it and started fresh a few years later.


On November 10th, 2014, Tom uploaded a video as part of his series called "Scrap'd Week" where he would share things he made that ended up being scrapped. This video was about the Crash Zoom pilot, and Tom described the story behind the pilot. He also showed a clip of it, which seems to be the full animated pilot, as Tom did not mention more of the pilot. He also linked the full script of the pilot in the description of the video.[1]


The "Scrap'd Week" video with the pilot in it.