Crayon Shin-chan "Episode 93" (partially found episode of anime series; 1994)

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Page of the manga chapter the first segment is based on.

Status: Partially Found

Crayon Shin-chan is an anime series which airs since 1992 on TV Asahi in Japan. It follows the adventures of the five-year-old Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbors, and friends. More than 924 episodes have aired.

The Episode

Episode 93 aired for the first time on April 18, 1994 in Japan. The episode has never been released on home video[1], streaming media or recently reaired. The Spanish dub which translated nearly every episode of the series also skipped this episode. This dub only skipped a total of 6 episodes out of 825, while the other episode that the Spanish dub skipped was released on Japanese home video or are available on the internet from Japanese re-airings this episode hasn't appeared on the internet at all. The Korean dub and Chinese dub also skipped this episode. The official episode list on the TV Asahi website skips episode 93.[2][3] Taking into considering all the information, it is almost certain that this episode was purposely skipped by TV Asahi for an unknown reason. However, from the name of the 3rd segmentブリブリ映画紹介だゾ, we can assume that the 3rd segment was dropped for being a promotional sneak-peek for the 1994 film 'The Hidden Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom', which had become an 'outdated information' after the release of the film. The reason why the prior 2 segments were also cut is still unknown.


In 2020, the full episode was found according to users in a Spanish website of Shin Chan fans, for now only the first segment has been made public. As usual with Crayon Shin-chan episodes, the episode consists of three segments:

  • 書道で心をめにするゾ (Setting my sights upon "心" in calligraphy!) You can watch it here
  • こたつを片づけるゾ (Cleaning up the Kotatsu!)
  • ブリブリ映画紹介だゾ(It's the introduction to the Buri Buri Movie!)

The only thing known about the segments besides the titles is that the first segment was based on manga chapter 8-c-4, 'Phweet ♡ Phoo! ♡ I'm a master at picking up women! Chapter 4' in the official English translation.[1] In this chapter Shinnosuke (Shin-chan) and his mother, Misae (Mitzi/Mitsy) go to calligraphy class.

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