Creep - The Last Tube (found 3D Shockwave horror game; 2005-2007)

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Cover art for the game.

Status: Found

Date found: 27 Aug 2021

Found by: TheCracksOverhead, TOMYSSHADOW, & Beau Chesluk

Creep - The Last Tube, also titled "Creep 3D", is a 3D Shockwave horror game created by JailDog (also known as The JD Project). The game was available to play online from 2005 to 2007, and was based on the 2004 horror film "Creep". It was most likely created to promote the movie's release.


The game was originally hosted on the now-defunct TheLastTube website.[1] Based on the existence of a German news article, and many blog posts and forum posts from different parts of the world, it is safe to assume that the game was somewhat popular at the time.

In 2019, a thread was created on the Lost Media Wiki Forum discussing the game.[2] The thread went quiet for about two years until user TheCracksOverhead took notice of the game while searching for a different Shockwave 3D-based game. After inspecting the Shockwave Movie in Director, he found that the game was developed by a company called "JailDog."

The three key people who worked at JailDog were Anthony Rushton, Beau Chesluk, and Russell Irwin. TheCracksOverhead contacted Anthony Rushton about finding the game, but unfortunately, Anthony stated that he doesn't recall what happened to the files, so he was unable to help.


Beau Chesluk was eventually contacted, and after some searching, he was able to locate the game files and send them to TheCracksOverhead. The game has since been uploaded to and submitted to Bluemaxima's Flashpoint.[3] A trailer video for the game was also found and uploaded by Russell Irwin.

Required Files

There are a few external files that are required for the game to run. Here is a list of them and their current status:

File Description Status
creep.dcr The main Shockwave Movie file. For a long time, this was the only file that still existed online.
When trying to run it without the other required files, the game would get stuck on the loading screen.
blank.cct A blank Shockwave Cast file. Found
blank2.cct A blank Shockwave Cast file. Found
font.cct A Shockwave Cast file. Has the fonts/graphic assets for displaying text. Found
SoundCast.cct A Director Cast file. Has the sound/music assets. Found
These are the Shockwave 3D World files that have the models and textures. Found

There are also a large number of *.ls files that are requested. According to user TOMYSSHADOW, they are external script files, which was a Director feature that allowed authors to write Lingo in external applications. The movie already has the compiled scripts, and the *.ls files are only useful during authoring, so they are not required for playback.




A trailer for the game that was found by one of the game's developers.