Cricket and Clover (partially found scrapped Panic! At The Disco album; 2007)

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Lyrics written for the album.

Status: Partially Found

Cricket and Clover was a scrapped album by the famous alt-rock band Panic! At The Disco. It is also known as "The Cabin Album" by fans.

History[edit | edit source]

After touring, the band decided to get back to work and make a new album. They rented a cabin on a mountain in Nevada and began writing the album. The band went a little crazy since they were isolated, so they didn’t get any work done.

The album was written differently than other albums they’ve written. Instead of just a set of songs, Panic! decided to turn their second album into a story and each song led into the next song. The story was about two lovers named Cricket and Clover.

Song List[edit | edit source]

Panic! At The Disco has written many songs for the album, but these are the ones documented:

Song Title Notes Status
Nearly Witches Released on the FOB Mix-tape under the name "Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus". It was a demo at the time and didn't become an actual song until Vices and Virtues. Found
It’s True Love Various clips can be found on YouTube. Partially Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

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