Cricket and Clover (partially found scrapped Panic! At The Disco album; 2007)

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Lyrics written for the album

Status: Partially Found

Cricket and Clover was a scrapped album by the famous alt-rock band Panic! At The Disco. It is also known as "The Cabin Album" by fans.


After touring, the band decided to get back to work and make a new album. They rented a cabin on a mountain in Nevada and began writing the album. The band went a little crazy since they were isolated, so they didn’t get any work done.

The album was written differently than other albums they’ve written. Instead of just a set of songs, Panic! decided to turn their second album into a story and each song led into the next song. The story was about two lovers named Cricket and Clover.

Song List

Panic! At The Disco has written many songs for the album, but these are the ones documented:

Song Title Notes Status
Nearly Witches Released on the FOB Mix-tape under the name "Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus". It was a demo at the time and didn't become an actual song until Vices and Virtues. Found
It’s True Love Various clips can be found on YouTube. Partially Found

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