Crime Time (partially lost animated short series; 2007)

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Crime Time.jpg

The logo for Crime Time.

Status: Partially Lost

Crime Time is an animated short series produced by Future Thoughts Productions. The show is about a criminal named Shifty who perpetrates crimes from the sublime to the ridiculous and never quite pulls them off, resulting in hilarious consequences. It is rendered in a graphic style reminiscent of UPA shorts. Crime Time gives the viewer a brief but comical look at the irony of crime. Taking on the spirit of old-world cartoons, the series uses sight gags and pacing to bring about a comedic scenario.

Produced in a combination of Flash and CGI animation, the creators utilize classic elements of storytelling to give this series a unique personality. The series, which consists of shorts varying in length from 90 to 180 seconds, introduces a comic anti-hero character Shifty (The Criminal), who seems always to be just moments away from successfully beating the system only to have his plans derailed by some unforeseeable circumstance. 121 shorts were made, 106 of which are accessible online.

Few of the lost episodes were also viewed on Amazon, but it is currently unavailable. The series also formerly aired on Astro Ceria on Malaysia,[1] MNCTV on Indonesia,[2] Cartoon Network in India, and Kidz TV in Turkey.

Between December 27th, 2018, and May 20th, 2019, the channel futurethought uploaded 22 episodes of the series (many of which were lost up until then) onto YouTube.


Executive Producer: Jay Zaveri

Producer: Steven Philip Kasper

Director: Nassos Vakalis

Associate Producer: Parshuram Ramachandran

Associate Director: Santosh Sawant and Mayur Deshpande Production Manager: Balamurali Krishnan

Story Development: Nassos Vakalis, Santosh Sawant and Steven Philip Kasper Visual Development: Santosh Sawant, Nitin Veturkar and Abhishek Chaudankar Animation Supervisor: Mayur Deshpande

Writers: Steven Kasper, Nassos Vakalis, Kostas Christides, Parshuram Ramachandran, Kelly Ward, and Len Simon

Music Composer: Kostas Christides and Roto Shah ("The Getaway" and "The Bank Robbery" episode only)

Animations: Sachin Salvi, Vishwajeet Shinde, Govind Phansekar, Nachiket Ghanekar, Rahul Swant, Alice Dizon Manuel, Douglas DeMarco, Thoren Terry, Romar Escolastico, Robert Vergara, Jenny Ramos, Eric Francisco, and Rosita Yang

Animation Production: Vikrant Shitole

Storyboard Artist: Len Simon, Don Perro, Nassos Vakalis, Frank Richards, Darryl Kidder, Eric Harper, Fiona Trayler, Eric Ashenfelte, Winston Aquino, Jocelyn Omana, Donny Ligon (Uncredited), Tobias Schwarz (Uncredited) and Alan Ruivivar Lopez (Uncredited).

System Support: Hemang Bhatt and Haresh Bhatt

Layouts: Eric Harper

Animatic Compositing: Fiona Trayler

Production: RocketFish Productions


# Episode Title Status
1 Electro-Phobia Found
2 The Bank Robbery Found
3 Paint Job Found
4 Statue Found
5 The Getaway Found
6 The Painting Found
7 Under Control Found
8 The Gift Found
9 The Car Robbery Found
10 Laundry Lost
11 Night Job Found
12 The Parking Meter Found
13 The Treasure Found
14 Masked Ball Lost
15 Midnight Lover Found
16 Tracer Found
17 The Red Dye Found
18 Drive Thru Found
19 Wish Pond Found
20 Subway Found
21 Gooooal Found
22 Cleaning Up Found
23 Monkey Business Found
24 Sleep Walker Found
25 Lost Cat Found
26 Vending Machine Found
27 Cruiseship Found
28 Fitting Room Found
29 No Strings Attached Found
30 Way Out West Found
31 At the Movies Found
32 Pharaohs Revenge Found
33 Going Batty Found
34 Grin and Bear It! Found
35 All That Glitters is Gold Found
36 At The Circus Found
37 The Hiker Found
38 The Black Pearl Found
39 The Baby Found
40 The Genie Found
41 The Barber Found
42 The Bridge Found
43 The Birthday Cake Found
44 The Transport Found
45 The Buffet Found
46 The Dollar Bill Found
47 The Musician Found
48 Minus Zero Lost
49 The Golden Nugget Found
50 Tips Found
51 The Paparazzi Found
52 The Party Found
53 The Bike Race Found
54 The Horse Race Found
55 The Diver Found
56 Up, Up and Away Found
57 Bum Steer Found
58 Shifty Skywalker Lost
59 The Masked Destroyer Found
60 I Smell a Rat Found
61 Pizza Found
62 The Camper Found
63 Public Restrooms Found
64 The Dog Walker Found
65 The Great Jump Found
66 Gopher Broke Found
67 A Clean Sweep Found
68 Spaced Out Found
69 Backyard Trouble Lost
70 Easy Come Easy Go Found
71 The Fur Coats Found
72 The Garderner Found
73 The Hitch Hiker Found
74 The Mountain Climber Found
75 Valet Found
76 The Spa Treatment Found
77 Slope, Slope Found
78 The Funeral Found
79 The Map Found
80 The Talented Ant Lost
81 The ATM Found
82 The Scrap Metal Found
83 The Car Racer Found
84 Snap Shot Found
85 The Jackpot Found
86 The Hypnotist Found
87 The Pilot Found
88 The Bus Driver Found
89 Area 51 Found
90 The Jeweler Lost
91 The Chariot Driver Found
92 The Girlfriend Found
93 Halloween Ghosts Found
94 Hot Air Found
95 Ancestors Found
96 A Knights Tale Found
97 Oils Well that Ends Well Found
98 Rodeo Show Found
99 A Looney Tribute Found
100 Private Property Lost
101 Monster Truck Lost
102 Window Washer Found
103 Royal Jewels Found
104 The Clean Getaway Lost
105 The Break In Found
106 First Impressions Lost
107 Robin Hoodwinked Found
108 The Dummy Found
109 Mans Best Friend Found
110 Out of Sight Found
111 One Hell of a Day Found
112 Spooked Found
113 Batteries Included Found
114 The Pirate Found
115 The Fall Guy Found
116 The Prize Found
117 The Airport Found
118 Have a Blast Found
119 Sweet Dreams Found
120 Boxed In Found
121 Sub Zero Found


The trailer for the series.

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