Crowfoot (found CBS thriller film; 1995)

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A stock photo of Kate Hodge and Jim Davidson from the film.

Status: Found

Date found: 05 Feb 2022

Found by: Fokker TISM

Crowfoot is a 1995 American thriller TV movie that aired on CBS on June 7th, 1995 and was directed by James Whitmore Jr. The film starred actors such as Jim Davidson, Tsai Chin, Kate Hodge and Bruce Locke.

According to a few sources, the TV movie also served as a pilot for a TV show that never materialized.[1]


The film's plot involved a half-Native American detective named Nick Crowfoot (played by Jim Davidson) who falls in love with the ghost of a murder victim named Rachel Stoltz (played by Kate Hodge) as he resolves to find her murderer and cope with her death.[2][3]


Possibly due to the film's obscurity, it has never been rebroadcast on TV for years and was never released on any home media format in the United States and little other information on the film online aside from the cast and crew and plot synopsis is known.

The film gained some notice when popular online reviewer Allison Pregler reviewed the film in 2012 for her old web series Obscurus Lupa Presents, using a DVD converted from a PAL UK VHS tape of the film that she got back from fellow British movie reviewer Mathew Buck (Film Brain) at Magfest. In spite of this, she hasn't made the whole film available to watch online.

It wasn't until February 5th, 2022 when YouTuber "Fokker TISM", who previously uploaded the trailer, unloaded the entire film on their channel.


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