Crunchyroll Digimon Tri Contest Winners Video (partially found fan-made entries promotional compilation video for Digimon; 2016)

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Status: Partially Found

The Crunchyroll Digimon Tri Contest was Digimon-related fan contest that was held in March 2016 on the anime steaming site Crunchroll's forums. The contest was created to celebrate and hype up subtitled episodes of Digimon Tri: Reunion beginning to air on Crunchyroll. Entrants were required to make a one-minute video explaining what the Digimon franchise meant to them, be it through cosplaying, telling stories about their love for the series, etc. The top 5 winners were chosen on March 23rd, 2016 and had links to their videos featured on the original forum post, as well as receiving prizes in the mail. On September 15, 2016, Fathom Events hosted a one-night-only screening in select US theaters of the Digimon Tri: Reunion dub, which featured a compilation video of all of the contest winners before the movie started. This special compilation video was only shown with that screening and has not been seen since.


The contest ran from March 5th to March 19th, 2016, with the winners being announced on March 23rd, 2016. The contest information was posted to the (now defunct) Crunchyroll forums under the categories of Forums > General > Site News by the brand manager MilesExpress999. The original contest post read:

"Hello DIGIDESTINED of CRUNCHYROLL! We've got an exciting contest for you!

We LOVE Digimon - many of us (myself included) grew up watching Tai, Augumon, and all of their friends venture through the Digital World to face the likes of Devimon, Myotismon, and many more in order to save both worlds.

We’re SO EXCITED about the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri episodes airing on Crunchyroll NEXT WEEKEND that we wanted to do something with all of our DigiDestined!

Digimon was a critical part of my childhood - the franchise means the world to me - and I’m certainly not the only one! We want YOU to share YOUR favorite Digimon memories, experiences, and moments in a video like SailorBee and I did in the video above and put it on YouTube with “Crunchyroll Digimon Contest” in the title. Premium or free, anyone is free to enter (so long as you or your guardian are over 18 to accept the prize and excluding our fans in Quebec). Then please post here in the forums or e-mail with your video so we know you’ve made it!

We’re going to pick FIVE WINNERS for Digimon Prize Packs featuring our favorite Digimon figures, merchandise, and treats from Japan!

In short:






The deadline for this contest is Saturday, March 19th at 2:00pm PST"


Each of the five winners of the contest received a Digimon Prize Pack from Crunchyroll. While it's unknown if every contestant received the same items or if they received slightly different things, one of the winners (Aussied) recalled some of what she had been sent as a prize. The prize pack included:

  • A copy of the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth video game for the Playstation 4
  • A set of bootleg Digimon plushies featuring Palmon and a few other characters
  • An ice tray in the shape of Tetris blocks
  • A sticker of Crunchyroll's mascot Crunchyroll-Hime


The contest was seemingly open to people from all over the world. While not all of the contest entries survive today, a good amount of them remain on YouTube. Most entries were in English, though there was at least one entry in another language: Brazilian (with English subtitles). Below are links to some of the video entries that have been found, even if the links no longer work.


The winners of The Crunchyroll Digimon Contest were announced on March 23rd, 2016, in the same forum thread that the contest was initially introduced. The updated post read:

"We hosted an incredible contest about what Digimon means to you, wonderful Crunchyroll users, and we have now picked the winners!!!!. Thank you to everyone who participated - it was so so meaningful as someone who grew up alongside Tai and Izzy and Sora too to be able to see people whose lives had been really impacted in a big way by this awesome series.

This was EXTREMELY HARD to pick a top 5 for. I cannot overstate how incredible it was to feel the love for Digimon that you all have. Again, thank you everyone who participated!!!!

Crunchyroll would like to (in no particular order) congratulate the following FIVE winners!

  • mymoldydonut6
  • Brunno Raniery
  • irritates
  • aussied
  • Sydney Nichole

If you are a winner, and posted about it here, please check your Crunchyroll inbox! If not, I may reach out to you on YouTube as well ~ The final pieces of the Digimon Prize Pack are coming into the office now, so you should expect your package within a month if I'm able to get your address ~"

The contest results were posted with a screenshot of each winner's video, along with their names underneath and links to their winning video entries. The winning videos were:


On September 15th, 2016, the English dub of Digimon Tri: Reunion was released in over 300 US movie theaters for a one-night only screening. The screenings were put on by Fathom events in partnership with Eleven Arts and Toei Animation.[1] Before the movie began, Crunchyroll ran a compilation promotional video featuring the winners of their Digimon Contest and their winning contest entries. It's unknown how long this video was in length, or what all was included in it, as it has never been uploaded or surfaced outside of the screening.

The English dub of Digimon Tri: Reunion did wind up coming back to theaters for a limited engagement some months later, but the Crunchyroll video was not included in those screenings, nor in any other screenings for the subsequent Digimon Tri dub installments.

According to contest winner Aussied, she (and most likely the other winners) was not aware that the winning entries were going to be included as a part of the Digimon Tri: Reunion movie.


Several of the companies involved with the initial the Digimon Tri: Reunion dub theater release have been reached out to in regard to potentially finding the lost theater compilation clip. Unfortunately, none of these requests have turned up anything. Companies that have been contacted include:

  • Fathom Events (October 12, 2016)
    • They stated that they do not have the rights to content past the theater events, and said to reach out to Toei Animation and Eleven Arts.
  • Eleven Arts (December 5, 2016)
    • Was contacted through Facebook messenger and offered to get in touch through email, but never followed up on the inquiry about the video
  • Crunchyroll Support (October 10, 2016)
    • Stated in an October 10, 2016 email that they didn't have the clip anymore

As of 12/6/2022, Toei Animation had not contacted in the search for the clip.


What Digimon Means To Me by metatum (who at the time was going my the username "irritates")

Crunchyroll Digimon Contest by aussied.

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